Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the crazy month of November

I can't believe thanksgiving is almost here. That there's less than five weeks until Christmas. 2012 is almost over with!

I've been busy reading, doing school, babysitting, and just trying to keep up with life in general. One good thing is I'm done with geometry - I talked to my mom and we came to the conclusion that it's probably not going to help me much on the mission field. Or with photography. So that pretty much made my day, or the rest of the school year if you think about it. I've been digging deeper in history and  biology and the time I would've been using in geometry gives me extra time to get in the Word and do other things that are more productive. (like clean rental houses and borrow camera lenses and stuff my brain with books about missionaries)

But seriously. Even though I'm only fifteen (SIXTEEN IN LIKE TWO MONTHS!) I'm feeling more and more like an adult. I may get the chance to go back overseas in the next six months - by myself. More on that later. I'm a woman. And it's kinda scary, having everything thrust on your shoulders, but at least I'm used to it with being the oldest of eight. Trust me, sometimes I already feel like a mom to five or six kids. Like I said -- it's scary, but I wouldn't want it any other way. There are times when I just want to forget everything and be an innocent kid again. But I can't. Not now that I know what's really going on in our world, with so much suffering and pain.

Annndd did you guys know it's National Novel Writing Month? Yes, I've been writing like a nerd all month. One reason why I haven't posted in sixty five million years. I'm right on track with my word count, and I'm staying up all night today writing another five thousand words as to not get behind. My story is seriously a crazy story with a crazy plot. (if you really want to know all the details comment). But I like my story. It's all my idea and it's a different novel unlike any book I've ever read -- but like they say, write the book you'd want to read. This would probably be my favorite book if someone else had written it. Now I just have to push through and finish the thing.

Now I have to go and work on that school, before I'm off to babysit some cute kiddos at noon. I'll do my best to post again this week.

- ken

ps: do you know what else November is? No shaving month. And yes of course I'm doing it, my sisters and Mother think I'm normally a gross person. so it's not a big deal for me. (seriously people shaving takes wayyy too long.)

pps: my lotsa pictures and long posts make up for my lack of updating the blog!

my youthgroup leader is so cool. (his kid is too). random guys in the background make this a little funny.

my church is cool too. our tiny town has a festival of the lights celebration and we light the huge Christmas tree in the middle of the town and all the little shops put up their lights. everybody comes out of their houses and hangs out. and we set up a booth too and gave out glowsticks and tshirts.

I get to babysit these girls and they're pretty cute too.

Mr. Carson is cool. he helps me watch kids and is a great role model annnddd likes piggyback rides from me. (the picture lost all it's quality for some reason though ...) and yes he did command me not to put any pictures of him on facebook but my blog isn't facebook right?!

a bunch of random people walking around when we had our Christmas lights festival.

three of my best friends. if you don't know them, you're missing out.

the only crafty thing that is in my room. but I really like my pictures anyway.

Kendra on her purple mac with a big shirt on and skinny jeans writing about a girl named Neptune from a planet called Zanyth who goes to Earth and it's world war three. (that was just a little bit of my story. now do you see how confusing it is?)

oh and pictures with the lens I rented are coming soon. (rented the 85mm)

this is a really really long post. and I really need to go finish my school. now you know how much of a random person I am.


  1. haha this post is awesome! i love the last picture. RAL. and I'm reading this because I'm procrastinating on writing... what a nerd.

  2. Umm so I really love your purple laptop!! And your shirt. And all these pictures! I've missed reading your posts, Kendra!


    1. the shirt is three sizes too big and I've never been to NY.

      I'm wearing the shirt right now. it's really great.


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