Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the Gaithers

The Gaithers have three boys who are energetic, hilarious, curious - but still adorably sweet at the same time. My parents have been good friends with their family for the longest time, even before we moved into the same town. Now we don't only live in the same town, but go to the same church. We live four minutes from their house and I get the privilege to babysit the boys.

They had never had their pictures down before, so this was something new and exciting for them. We climbed tractors, peeked in old cabins, found pretty leaves, and bear-hugged each other. It was fun, and the scenery was the most gorgeous I've had yet for a family shoot.

Enjoy the pics. ;)

(I really like her freckles. just sayin')

ps. not posting this week. some friends might for me though, so look out for those.


  1. These pictures are so sweet, Kendra! Love them all. :)

  2. This is so flipping adorable :')

  3. I love all of these!! xD The boys are soo cute!

  4. I loved them all so much!!! The boys are adorable - specially that baby!!!! I love the one of all the 'guys' in single file. Cute and unique pose. :)


  5. Bonne chance with nanowrimo, Kendra! :) I'll try to muster up my ideas and join you next year :)



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