Monday, October 1, 2012

life is beautiful

My life is busy. I can't deny it. It's not necessarily a bad busy.  Because school isn't bad for you, is it?

I'm learning to balance the busyness and remember to stick God first in front of everything. Today has been one of those nice simple days. The ones where you rise up when it's still dark, the days when you get all your school done before 3pm (compared to never getting it done and having to do it on the weekend that's fantastic), you get to go for a long run in the rain, put your pjs on early, sip some tea, and watch a movie. The kind of day when your fingers are soiled with pencil led from sketching so much and your fingertips are sore from picking guitar strings. And you can't keep from exploding with joy, because life is beautiful, and God's love is never-ending.

Speaking of God, my God is seriously awesome. He's given me so much. He's teaching me too, teaching me that he's the only one that's worth living for. With him, life is much more fulfilling that it can ever be.

happy first of October (wow guys. October is here . . .).



  1. woa. that fourth photo of your brother looked shockingly like a little boy i happen to know. like a lot!!!

  2. Happy October to you too. ;) Great pics, btw!

  3. HAPPY OCTOBER KENDRA!!!!!!! Even if this is a li'l late. :) I LOOOVE the pictures of your sibs, but wish you would put more of yourself on here as well. :) We all wanna see your purdy face. lol



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