Wednesday, September 19, 2012

truth is.

I'm not really the pensive person I seem on this blog. Sure, I may think a little deeper than some people, but I'm certainly not a serious person. I'm kind of crazy, actually.

first off: I like to stay up late.

I like turning up my music as loud as it can go and dancing around the room. with the door shut, of course.

I only like pinterest because of the photography tips (and the funny pics).

I like babysitting, but I really like getting the paycheck. no offense to the adorable kids I get to play with.

I like people. Because everyone is different and it's so interesting to learn about each one.

I like to laugh. too much, probably.

I like to sleep outside.

I drink wayyy too much water. Which makes me have to go to the restroom fifty times a day.

I'll read ten books in one week then not read for another month.

I used to hate mint chocolate-chip ice cream. Now it's the best.

I like to take pictures of everything. Yes, that includes ceiling fans and ladders.

I like bugs.

I like veggie tales. don't ask.

I am easily amused (see last sentence). 

So hopefully you get the point here.  I'm not-so-normal and serious. What things make you unique?

ps: need more proof?

this is my family:

these are some of my friends:

and this is me.


  1. You made me laugh!! I can't say that I have anything too interesting to say about my quirks...since you know half of them already. I'll lavish thee with 5:

    1. I sometimes wear the same shirt three days in a row.

    2. I have a tendency to squeal loudly when I'm surprise.

    3. I scratch my nose when I'm nervous.

    4. I can't stand Janette Oak.

    5. I laugh at all the sad parts in movies.

    And the picture of your fam was hilarious. ;)

  2. haha. I died laughing. and your family is hysterical.

  3. lol you sound a lot like me!! :)
    Some other things that I could add is when a nut or acorn falls from the tree I run away screaming that the Squirrel king is out to get me. Long story but I once had a duel with my sister trying to convince her that the Squirrel king was actually real! ;) lol

  4. RAL except at night then you're just like "NO." Jk. Hahaha. But sometimes you are. RAL. and the pic of your fam is hilarious and very interesting. There's a looottt going on. RAL (just said RAL 3 times in a row... is that a new record?)

  5. OHMYGOODNESS! I LOVE VEGGIE TALES AS WELL! SERIOUSLY! I went around telling all my friends about Veggie tales and they searched it up on you tube (most of them saw the belly button song) and they all said to me that I "officially" had mental problems...I also love Winnie the Pooh bear and the tellytubies. If you don't know either of them, you're missing out big time. That doesn't make me strange, does it?


    2. The belly button song is epic! tellytubies is funny too. and winnie the pooh. We can all just be strange together.

  6. Sounds familar(:

    I like ur blog! It's neat!

  7. Your family looks like a really fun group of people! Awesome pictures and love the 'about you' stuff! :)


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