Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the new town

I now live in nice little town with antique buildings and thrift stores. Scratch that. I live just outside of the town, where it feels like you're in the country. Dude, there are cows across the street. The neighbors have a chicken and two ducks. And a little dog. The ducks chase the dog. Go figure.

The house looks totally different now (pics coming soon). I'm sitting upstairs in our bright, colorful room. I should be doing geometry. blah.

Speaking of geometry, we've started school this week. So things are getting back into order. It feels good to get back into the old school routine, but still be in a new place.

Also, there isn't chicken poop everywhere. And those times where I had to get out of bed to feed the forgotten horses are all over.

I think I like it here.

ps: we probably looked like tourists . . . oh well.


  1. You know what made me laugh? That American flag hanging up! You NEVER get any flags hanging up here apart Libyan flags! Did you have to move Church?

    1. I didn't even notice the flag until I saw this comment... guess we see them so much I don't notice it anymore. :P

  2. awesome! I wanna come visit you now and go look around at all the little shops. xD

  3. Wow it does look different, and get this: when I saw the pics of where you live now, in the country, it reminded me of 'the Black Stallion' movie. hahaha IDK why! :) but cute li'l town, and if you're like me, go have fun thrifting and antiquing! my fave thing to buy in antique stores are old books. :) the smell is amazing. lol


  4. i just moved to a city (not a town, though) and it's... interesting. i'm definitely a country girl and not a city person, but i'm getting used to it. and i'm going to public school, which is awesome. :)

  5. oh, can't wait to see pictures of the house and well... all your other pictures cause they're flipping gorgeous.


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