Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's funny how life is. Each day brings new twists and turns that may seem like nothing at the time, but they add up to bigger turns that really change your life. One day the clouds may darken the skies and even if nothing too terrible is going on, you seem so downcast. Or there are days when you simply cannot wait to do something. To live a certain moment. Those are the days that drag by with your heart always in anticipation.

Then there are days that are simply glorious. You are ecstatic the whole day, because the sun is shining, school was enjoyable for once, and maybe you even received some good news.

The thing is, I make excuses on the days that I feel down. "Geometry just stank today. " "Everyone else is against me right now!" But I don't have an excuse. Or I shouldn't have one.

Because I have Christ. I have Jesus. He died, was buried, and rose on the third day. And he died for me. That should be enough good news to keep me joyful for years. Even if I don't feel happy, I can still be joyful.

I have to be patient. I wish sometimes I could be grown up already, serving God overseas and being married. Only sharing a room with one person, only doing dishes for two people. Not ten. Then other times I want to be a kid again, with no worries and troubles.

I have to be content in the moment. If I'm not joyful now in God, I never will be. Besides, what is there to whine about? I've got a good family. Great friends. A junky bike to ride (hey! it's still a bike!). A mac computer. And even if it seems terrible sometimes, I have a chance to get a good education. I have people who love me and a God who loves me.

so. that's the end of this super-long ramble.

- ken

ps: i kinda miss the cows.


  1. You have a mac computer?? Definitely no excuse :D

    Just kidding, I know what you mean. I have to remind myself not to blame anything for my bad attitude, my bad grades...

    Thanks for posting!

    In Christ,

  2. a mac computer... we are SO best friends.

  3. I can totally relate with the impatience to be at a new stage of life, but you are right! God is so good, no matter what the circumstances are in our lives!

  4. AWEESOME. Love! Feel the same, Kendra ;)

  5. Sorry to comment twice, but what exactly is the reason for the current name of your blog?

    1. No prob. I used that name bc I'm trying to make Jesus my obsession and life. if you wanna hear more listen to the song called magnificent obsession by steven curtis chapman. :) thanks for asking!

  6. Beautiful, Kendra, I really love this. There is so much truth to your words and so much encouragement.




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