Thursday, August 16, 2012

life at the moment

It's been crazy. So much has happened in the past several days that it's hard to remember everything. I've been babysitting nonstop. We move in two weeks. The house needed to be stripped of wallpaper, cleaned, painted, upstairs redone, floors to be sanded, and other odd jobs. I've been at home with the four youngest kiddos, helping at the new house, or babysitting for other families all day. I like the busyness, I'm treasuring the fact that this new home is ours -- but still, I can't wait to start a schedule and have things calm down soon.

I'm learning to be content in the moment though, even if it's a busy moment. Finding peace in Christ is hard when everything is so messy yet it's well worth it.

Here are some (of the few) pictures I've taken this week, most are before shots of the house. Sorry my posts haven't been too great lately, but I've got some stuff up my sleeve once fall comes around and we settle down. Oh, and I've been given a macbook from one of my dad's fantastic friends!! I'm typing on it right now . . . well, actually, I'm typing on a spare keyboard we have, since some of the keys on the mac are broken. Getting those fixed soon, along with a few other things.

And here are those pictures.

(our room!!)

(caught a barn swallow! yes, i know my hair is a mess, but catching birds is fun.)

my gorgeous sis.

dorky pics are the best. 


  1. the last one, the last one, the last one!!!!!!!!!!

  2. that is an amazing picture of Anna! and you're so gorgeous... and HOW ON EARTH does your hair manage to look awesome even though you said it was a mess???

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Haha, I do that with my hair whenever I'm in hype mode! I see your family are basketball fans...Same with me and Ben! You've just moved house...very creepy because we've just moved house as well!

  4. definitely a fixer upper house! you're gonna have to post after pics when it's done too. xD and do you usually shoot on manual?

    1. yes, Hannah, I do! and Marcia, my sis took the last picture. awesome, right?!

  5. Sounds like you definitely have your hands full with lots of stuff! Nice photos, like the hair flip one! :)

  6. I love this, great blog by the way!!!

  7. How on earth do you manage to CATCH a birb?!?!?1


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