Thursday, August 30, 2012

farewell once more

And so we move, pack our bags and head to another home. I've been through so much moving in my life I'm almost tired of it -- though I don't know. I really like traveling, and seeing new places.

If I could go back and do it again, I'd still come stay a year at this farm. God has taught me so much this year. I'd never want to go back and start over. I've become more aware of things in life, mostly starting caring for people more. People I've never known, or people I've known my whole life. I've learned that love is hard. That it's serving others, putting them first and learning to think of other people before yourself. Which is easier said than done.

But I like our new house too. A lot. I'm glad I'm in town, around more people. As I sit here and gaze out the library window - surrounded by people who need Jesus as much as I do - I realize that God is going to use me and my family to do things for Him wherever we are. Just as much as He's done in the past. God is going to use me, if it's studying Arabic in Jordan, ministering on the streets in Philadelphia, sharing our story at schools in the US, loving on kids in a Sudanese orphanage, or passing out gospel tracts at McDonalds.

Because God can use anyone no matter where you are.


  1. Praying for you, Kendra, as you're in the process of moving. :) God always has the best plans, even if we don't always understand.

    And these pictures are beautiful... that first one... *faints* :)



  2. This is such a sweet post Kendra!! Praying for you... that you'll shine for Jesus!! :) I'll definitely miss your farm pictures, but excited to hear about your new life.

    Love ya lots,

  3. Kendra, this post was awesome! i loved it and i especially loved the first picture. It's ah-mazing!!

  4. I'm glad that you have found joy in every situation - even the hard ones (like moving!). It's kinda funny that you made this post - because I've been (ahem) thinking (oh, dear) about my mission right now. I live out of town and our neighbors are slim. I guess I kinda feel stuck about where God can use me right now. But I know you're right - and I suppose this is just another way I have to sit and wait (since I hate it so much - it does not surprise me... :).

    You've changed a lot. I see that. You have a lot to be grateful for.

    On the side, your photography is getting amazinger every - single - post.

    - Bethany


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