Thursday, August 30, 2012

farewell once more

And so we move, pack our bags and head to another home. I've been through so much moving in my life I'm almost tired of it -- though I don't know. I really like traveling, and seeing new places.

If I could go back and do it again, I'd still come stay a year at this farm. God has taught me so much this year. I'd never want to go back and start over. I've become more aware of things in life, mostly starting caring for people more. People I've never known, or people I've known my whole life. I've learned that love is hard. That it's serving others, putting them first and learning to think of other people before yourself. Which is easier said than done.

But I like our new house too. A lot. I'm glad I'm in town, around more people. As I sit here and gaze out the library window - surrounded by people who need Jesus as much as I do - I realize that God is going to use me and my family to do things for Him wherever we are. Just as much as He's done in the past. God is going to use me, if it's studying Arabic in Jordan, ministering on the streets in Philadelphia, sharing our story at schools in the US, loving on kids in a Sudanese orphanage, or passing out gospel tracts at McDonalds.

Because God can use anyone no matter where you are.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

life at the moment

It's been crazy. So much has happened in the past several days that it's hard to remember everything. I've been babysitting nonstop. We move in two weeks. The house needed to be stripped of wallpaper, cleaned, painted, upstairs redone, floors to be sanded, and other odd jobs. I've been at home with the four youngest kiddos, helping at the new house, or babysitting for other families all day. I like the busyness, I'm treasuring the fact that this new home is ours -- but still, I can't wait to start a schedule and have things calm down soon.

I'm learning to be content in the moment though, even if it's a busy moment. Finding peace in Christ is hard when everything is so messy yet it's well worth it.

Here are some (of the few) pictures I've taken this week, most are before shots of the house. Sorry my posts haven't been too great lately, but I've got some stuff up my sleeve once fall comes around and we settle down. Oh, and I've been given a macbook from one of my dad's fantastic friends!! I'm typing on it right now . . . well, actually, I'm typing on a spare keyboard we have, since some of the keys on the mac are broken. Getting those fixed soon, along with a few other things.

And here are those pictures.

(our room!!)

(caught a barn swallow! yes, i know my hair is a mess, but catching birds is fun.)

my gorgeous sis.

dorky pics are the best. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

my identity

A smile creeps across my face. I scroll up my blog, noticing how my posts have changed --  how God has changed me. I look at the faces of my sisters and brothers in photos, my heart warmed. 

Then I go visit other blogs. Other, more popular writers and photographers. I see their pictures. Perfect, capturing their life. The posts about the cute outfits they're wearing. About the film camera they just purchased.  About how lovely their life is. And their words are perfectly put together.  

My stomach sinks. Suddenly, my work, the hours I've spent on this blog, seems worthless. Like all my words could be broken, dashed into a million pieces. Like all my images should be ruined, deleted and gone. 

This world is filled with competition. Everyone wanting this or that. Everyone being viewed this way or that way. But I must remember that my identity is in Christ. Not in my good works. I am nothing on my own. And my photos, my words, my life is about loving God. My job is to reflect Jesus. 

My identity is in Christ. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

a hot afternoon, lots of photo taking, and endless laughter.

My friend Natalie and I decided to get together at a park. And, being the nerds that we are, we brought our cameras along and took pictures the entire time.

Natalie has been a great friend (I still have the fancy bookmark she made me before we left for Egypt!), always encouraging and ready for laughter. Seriously, all we do together is laugh and add to the list of our inside jokes. So thankful for Natalie, she always cheers me up. I just wish we lived closer to each other!

Well, I think we got some cool shots - even if it was super hot. So enjoy, and look forward to part two coming soon.

do you have a favorite photo from the post?