Saturday, July 7, 2012

our not-so-little garden

Our garden is exploding with produce. Squash, beans, sunflowers, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, eggplant, herbs, potatoes, and (soon to be) corn. The other day I spent three hours watering it, and we spent most of the morning picking and picking.

It's hard work to garden, but it's so worth having fresh vegetables on the table -- especially when you know you helped make it grow!

Have you ever tried to have a garden? Growing anything special this year? Comment and let me know. :)

ps: going on a mission trip to Philadelphia this week - so excited! I won't post for awhile but when I get back I'll tell you all about it.


  1. wish we had room for a garden :( RAL

  2. in arizona, there are lots of hungry animals and birds so it's hard. once the grass turns green (which is usually august or sept, it's easier to grow stuff since they have food to eat.

    philidaphia... have lots of fun! my brother and i are going to puerto rico soon-- i'm so excited. ;)

  3. ps. your pictures make me happy. :)

  4. One tomato on the windowsill- we've tried before but can't seem to hide it from the deer!

    Have a great, blessed time! I'll be thinking of you!!

    In Christ,

  5. Our garden's tiny! it's really annoying -____- Oh well

  6. Our garden? Let's just say I left the sprinkler on, fell asleep, and it rained and thus it's flooded at the moment. I think something is growing in there. :)

    Have a good one on your missions trip!! *totally wish I was going with you*


  7. We have a very VERY small garden in our backyard, as in some tomato plants and one raspberry plant. It is fun to grow, I agree. :) Hope you have an amazing time on the mission trip!


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