Monday, July 23, 2012

give thanks

My heart is overflowing with joy. I feel so grateful. So blessed. I feel like I belong, not here in this earthly home, but in the group of believers I've come to know.

I can get to know them, without being afraid I'm going to have to move and tear down those relationships. Even if we do go back overseas (which probably won't happen for awhile -- we're buying a house not fifteen minutes from here. eeekk!), I know I'll still have people to be able to call and talk to if I need it. And I mean the real talks. If I'm struggling with a certain sin, or when I want to talk about how great God is. That doesn't weird out these people.

I feel more focused now. I'll admit it -- I'm not generally a shy person, but it takes me quite a long time to be able to talk to someone about anything. I've let go of that though, and stopped worrying about what people think about me, stop worrying about trying to be normal. We're in the same boat, all trying to love God and other people. Not trying to please other people. But showing them truth and grace.

So that's what I'm thankful for, my youth/community group, all the Godly ladies I look up to in church, and even the men. I'm glad God put us Jesus freaks all in the same boat together.

ps: pictures taken by friends in the church. ;)

pps: I've had a few photography sessions lately -- click here to check them out.

ppps: I just realized how much I wear that red 5k race shirt...


  1. Ack. I know what you mean and feel what you feel but I can't write it down in words. :)

    Annndd - on a randomer note: you really should post more pictures of yourself. ;) And someday, we're going to overcome our fear of phones and talk. :D

  2. Haha I love it when I read your posts and it's like a cut down version of what you've already told me. It just always cracks me up. RAL.

  3. That sounds awesome!!

    I know what you mean...somehow, I have the same red tshirt on in almost every picture from the year I was twelve. :D

    In Christ,


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