Wednesday, July 25, 2012

end of summer list

This summer has seriously flown by. It's been a different summer. I've learned so much and grew in the process. But -- there are several more days left to summer and a few more weeks before we move to the little white house in town and start school again.

I decided to make a fun list of things to complete before school comes around and everyone goes back to work. Plus I added a fun little photoshoot of my sis at the bottom of the post. enjoy. :]
  • make juice popsicles. 
  • run through the sprinkle + get wet in the hose one more time.
  • stay up till midnight writing and writing only
  • stay up till midnight watching movies. 
  • spend a good part of an afternoon working in the garden (even if we're going to abandon it when we move).
  • first day my new running shoes go in the mail, go for a run. 
  • have a huggee photoshoot around the farm before we move. 
  • make somebody teach me to tune my guitar. 
  • go for an hour walk at midnight around the farm, praying and thinking. 
  • spend a morning/afternoon at the library. 
  • read another novel in a day. 
  • eat a picnic at the park. 
  • camp out with Lauren and Rachel in Lauren's backyard. 
  • be in bed before nine. 
  • buy a large blizzard at dairy queen. (mom said this one was gross and i couldn't do it. oh well.)
  • take a hike. 
  • make a summer video. 
  • go for a run through the pasture and cornfield before we move. 


  1. These pictures are incredible, and your sister is sooo cute! ;) Awesome shots!

  2. Those don't sound too hard- unless you're planning to do them all in one day :)

    Petra is soooo photogenic!!

    In Christ

    1. P.S. My summer bucket list-

      Make a music video
      Read the last Eragon book
      Go on a trail ride
      Get together with Kendra!! :D


  3. gah. i love this! i actually started and end-of-summer list the other day, too! i'm looking forward to august.

    abbie /// xoxox

  4. These are amazing pictures!! I love the way you've managed to capture the pure emotion and happiness on her face! so sweet! :)
    Gina x

  5. Incredible pictures! I'm so sad that summers almost over, but at least I've spent two weeks of in puerto Rico. :)

  6. Pete is so cute!! haha Babe would never pose for me long enough to get that many pics. Unless I'm really really lucky. RAL. I love how you're like "MAKE someone teach me to tune my guitar" aahahhahaha. Before summer ends I want to have 2 or 3 more photo shoots with different people, go to the beach at least 2 more times, at least once with Maddie. Btw did I tell you about what happened last time we went to the beach with Maddie?? Probably not. I haven't talk talked to you in a while. Okay so this comment is kinda long. See my comments are only long when I haven't really talked to you in a while. Except yesterday but that didn't really count. Anyway I want to finish my summer reading checklist thing a ma jig and go to wild adventures and ride a rollercoaster, watch the hunger games again(on DVD Aug. 18!!!) and go to a wedding in Albany. That's like all I can think of right now. So yeah. This is a long comment. RAL. Okay bye.

    1. Grin :)

      -Heidi (b/c it now thinks I'm unknown no matter what I do!!)

  7. Good list! :D Loved the photoshoot! she is so cute! What lens did you use?

  8. Nice summer list! I hope you complete all of them before the end of summer! And lovely photos of your sister! :)


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