Tuesday, June 5, 2012

something that needs to be said

(click here if you want to see more pictures of this shoot)

My eyes are so quickly blinded to things that are so important. Days fly by, I am busy working, trying to get things done, get the most out of my Bible, and spend time with my family. They are all good things, in fact, very good things.

But my eyes are blinded. I sit here, being thankful, being happy as I live this imperfect, but lovely life. And there is so much more suffering I am tuning out.

Christians being tortured for their faith. Children starving on the streets. People in places that have never heard about Jesus.

It hurts me. I want to do something about it. Yet I am so weak, so helpless. What can I do about thousands, maybe millions, of hurting orphans children Africa? I am weak. But I have a strong God.

And with Him anything is possible. I may not be able to hop on a plane right now, but I can pray to the One who knows all things. I can love. I can love my family now, I can pour out my heart and serve those around me.

What has God given you a passion for?


  1. I know what you mean!
    Have you ever read the YMCA (i think that is what they are called) books? I really like the one about Brother Andrew

  2. oh my gosh your pictures are absolutely amazing! You should totally start doing lots of photoshoots! and charge money because your pictures are seriously AMAZING.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I've actually started to do just that. :) I've had one paid photoshoot so far, and two more coming up this month. (so excited)

  3. Kendra, I just loved this post. You are so inspiring and I love your blog so much.


  4. I know how you feel. I am often so saddened by the thought of children of children in need of love. God has given me a passion to love the un-loved and be a friend( or someday maybe mother) to children who have no family. I dream of adopting someday.

    This was a beautiful post. Sometimes it's so easy to just go on with our days and not give much thought to those hurting, and even if we do think about them we often don't know how we can help. But we can do something...we can pray. Thanks for this reminder!



  5. I know this feeling exactly, sister. It's like I feel so useless if I'm not doing something drastic to help others. Do what you can, and leave the rest up to Him. :)

  6. I figured out - that even if my biggest passion is orphans in Africa - if God wanted me there, I'd be there. Right now. So, I'm convinced that I need to open my eyes and look around our tiny town and my ever growing circle of friends and see what needs to be done. Because, they need help too.

    And hey, your photography is getting amazinger and amazinger! ;)

    Love you!

  7. First of all, I just love your pictures. They just scream "Kendra" and I love how raw and real they feel. :]

    Secondly, God has given me a passion for hurting teens. I know that sounds hilarious coming out of a, *ahem*, teenager, but yeah. I definitely feel like God has called me to youth ministry, and I think I may want to become a counselor. :]

  8. writing. that's my passion. :) i wanna somehow use my God-given gift of writing to reach out and minister to others. :)


  9. Okay i love your photography. And that is like an amazingly long fishtail braid... o_O

    and this was a good post and very true. We're either blinded so we can't see or we just choose not to, and something needs to be done about it. Just talked about this on Sunday night actually...

    and this makes much more sense now.

  10. Theatre.

    I have been so blessed to have been in three professional productions in the past two years, and through them been able to converse with several people about Jesus. I have been able to see that I affect people's lives simply through the way I dress and the fact that I call adults "Mr." or "Mrs." God has shown me that theatre is such an amazing thing and that there are so many people focusing on theatre for the wrong reasons. The first play that I was in, I realized partway through that I was having fun, not doing work. From then on, I have tried to be a witness to the theatre professionals in my area and found that when I ask God, He will always send me exactly the right words to say in any situation that arises.

    In Christ,

  11. Lovely photos! That's wonderful how much of a desire God has placed on your heart to want to help those in need. :) And you know what, the power of prayer can do great things!

  12. This is a beautiful post, Kendra, and I feel the same way. Growing up in a big city in Brazil, surrounded by kids on the streets, my heart has always been broken for that but I just felt so powerless... like you said, we have a powerful God that can do anything through us! And we can do so much by just loving the ones around us. Helping kids in Africa would be a dream come true for me, but I have to love the kids around me in my life too. LOVED you blog dear, your pictures are stunning! And thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog a while ago! :) xoxo


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