Friday, May 18, 2012

recent happenings

I finished my freshman year of high school the other day. You don't know how nice it feels, or how quick this year has gone by. Early on in the year I considered doing school through the summer, so I could get done faster, but now I'm seriously considering not doing anything until September.

But just because I've finished school doesn't mean I don't have anything to do. I got a new lens Wednesday (the 50mm f/1.8), which was pretty epic. I love it even though it doesn't zoom quite as good as the other one. I read two books yesterday, one about the Dalits in India and another on the seven habits of an effective person, so I'm not completely being lazy. I've also started to teach myself how to play the guitar.

I have so many pictures on my computer that need to be posted on the blog it's insane, and so much inspiration flying through my brain it's hard to handle. I decided to write a list of all the things I'd like to accomplish this summer, look back on my near year's resolutions and see what needs improvement. (yes, I wanted to do this before everyone else started doing it)

I can't find jobs anywhere that hire someone who is fifteen (except Chick-fil-A which is 40 minutes away), so I'm stuck with these two things to earn money. Which actually, I enjoy them a lot, it's just you never know if you're going to get someone who wants you or not. I'm thinking of making myself available to do shoots for people, but since I'm just starting out I'll keep the price really low. After spending half my money on a camera though, I've got to find ways to make up for it. 

I feel so behind on this, and it's something I love, I just haven't had time to do it. I hope to finish revising both my novels before school starts, so that's pretty exciting. And daunting. Because, of course, at the moment I feel like writing another whole new novel, but I seriously need to go back and finish the other two before starting another one. 

I've got two blogs to design, and after accidentally removing myself from my old design site, I've made a new one, plus opened myself up for designs. Only now I'm actually charging something for the designs, which will hopefully slow down the orders some, ha. I had way too much on my hands earlier. I'm also planning on re doing my own whole blog over the summer.

As with art, I'm super behind on that. My art journal has been untouched for almost a whole month. Yeaahh.

Like I said earlier, I've been teaching myself how to play by looking up tutorials online and watching different videos. I plan to do around three 'lessons' every week, so I can get down the basics.

Super duper excited about this. I've already been reading a lot, but Hannah and I have a few plans up our sleeves, like reading some of our old favorites. Left Behind, Little House on the Prairie, Percy Jackson, Bonnets and Bugles, and she's going to force me to read the Anne of Green Gables series. I never made it through the first book. But anyways, I'm looking forward to that. ('specially the Left Behind, folks)

Still going to keep up with this. We've been running 5ks like crazy, and winning lotsa cash. Okay, not tons of it, but it is pretty awesome. Only with the summer coming around, I'll have to get up at like 6 to run or else I'll die in the heat. 

This has been neglected because of my studies, and now it seems like I have all the time in the world. So I'm planning on going hikes with my brothers, reading to my sisters, working in the garden with them, building forts together, chasing them around the yard...and really just being a kid again with them. 

Excited about this. I bought a ton of books to go along with it (crazy love, not a fan, ect) and I started reading the Bible from Genesis on again, not going to rush myself through it and force myself to read a certain amount of chapters everyday, but just enjoying it and soaking it all in. And I'm planning on memorizing some of Ephesians

So those are my plans for the summer. I'll probably think of other things as soon as I hit publish. Wow, this post is huge. And I'll add a bunch of pictures at the bottom just to make you more overwhelmed and because I have way too many to share with you guys. 

thanks if you read the whole thing and if you didn't, I completely understand. 


ps: yes, my socks are always that dirty. and yes, Percy Jackson and Little House On the Prairie are certainly not on the same subject . . . 

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  1. you have amazing shots!! that 3rd one is just tooooooo gorgeous. so simple, yet amazing. <3


  2. Your so mean. The last photo.

    1. Anna, I liked the last picture!! Its different, but its really cool. :)

  3. Lucky ducky, I'm still trying to finish science and Spanish...but since Bailey has said goodbye to her senior year so easily, I'm determined I can get it through freshman...or freshwoman -- as I so prefer. ;D

    Lovely shots!

  4. amazing pictures! they're all gorgeous! what lens did you get?

  5. Luccckkkyyyy. ;) I LOVED this post!! and all the pictures! I really liked the last one, too, even if Anna doesn't... and I can't wait to start reading with you!! :D

  6. Hey! I will have to email you sometime...I need new acting headshots about every six months- I'll talk to my mom...I'm due around August. Plus, I would love to see you :)

    1. Yes, please do! I'd love to do that. It would be so awesome to meet you, plus take pictures of you. :) let me know when you need me.

  7. I wish I had more time to post and take pics but I'm SO busy! I've got SO much to do :P

    1. wait till summer rolls around! hope things slow down for you. ;)

  8. you are such a good blogger, kendra. i always love reading what you're up to ;)

  9. I love all of these pics! They are amazing!


  10. i made it all the way thru!!!

    love ya,

  11. Isn't it great to be done with school? Everything is slowly winding down for me. I'm a little overwhelmed thinking about all the cool things I want to do with my free time. =)

    1. ack, yes! it's so awesome to be done. now I'm free to do things I really want to do. ya know?

  12. I have some big summer plans too, all chronicled into my journal. Good luck on getting yours all acomplished! Your photos are getting lovelier and lovelier. They are becoming so YOU. Your photos just scream of your life and your family and I love it. :]

    Btw - I'm currently reading Not A Fan right now. AMAZING BOOK. You will certainly enjoy it. :]

    1. Thanks Alexxus! And I'm sure Not A Fan will be a great read, can't wait to get started.


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