Monday, May 7, 2012

happy birthday to max

Last week we celebrated Max's 11th birthday. I can't believe he's eleven already, and he's growing up so fast! We had a great time opening presents, and I even got to trick him with mine. I got a regular old cardboard box, then stuck a piece of birthday cake inside. He got kinda mad when he thought I hadn't given him anything, but what he didn't see was the mp3 player underneath the cake. ;) So he was pretty excited about that.

Do you have any birthday stories to tell?


  1. Awesome trick!!!

  2. Haha. Clever ;) Tell Max happy birthday from me!Mp3 player! Wow! Did you buy it for him?

    1. Actually, it was my old one...but it still works. ;)

  3. Whew, that was a good piece of stragedy. I just might keep that in mind. We have the tendency to wrap small objects in huge boxes and frustrate the birthday kid with opening box after box after box...

    Happy belated birthday Max!

  4. Happy Birthday Max!

    Haha, nice trick with the MP3 player. :)


  5. We always put the gift in one little gift bag and then put that in a gift bag and put that gift bag in another gift bag and so on. RAL

    Happy Birthday Max!

  6. haha nice trick!

    happy birthday, Max!

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes + stories, ladies!


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