Monday, May 28, 2012

a beautiful story

He is so imaginative. So creative. He's perfect, spotless, no sin in Him at all.

In the beginning, it was only Him. He created this world. The trees, the birds, the butterflies. Who would've thought of such wonderful things? Not I.

Then He did something even bigger. Even more imaginative and even daring. He created man. Male and female, He made them in His own image. His own image that longs to be loved, to be cherished. His own image that is strong, and fights for the well being of lovely things. They were beautiful creatures, spotless like Himself.

Yet there was one thing. He made them to have a free will. He didn't want little obedient robots. No, like us, He wanted to be really loved, really worshiped, really cherished. We wouldn't want someone to love us just because we had to. We'd want someone to love us as we were. And so God didn't want robots. So He took the risk.

And we sinned. Against Him, against the very one who made us! Against the one who made the trees, the birds, and who had given us so much. We pushed Him far from out thoughts. We didn't love other humans. If we did, it wasn't real love, it was only so we could benefit from the love. We didn't fear Him. We didn't ponder on His greatness, or His beauty.

His heart was broken. Torn, in pieces. He lamented and mourned over us, over His lost people, His own dear children. We rebelled, sinned, did evil. Evil things that would not even enter His mind! We went astray, like lost sheep.

He cannot stand sin. He hates it. It makes Him sick. But He loves us.

So He tried. Years and years and years! He begged us to come to Him, sent prophets, sent miracles, sent hardships to get our attention, and even sent great blessings. Yet only a few chose to love Him, to follow God. Even they were nothing like He wanted.

Finally there was no way out. We would die. Burn forever, in hell. There was simply no way out.

He could have been satisfied then. After all, we hated Him! So He should have been pleased when we were destined to the fiery pit, to hell. We did so many things that we against them, it was only fair. He could have just forgotten about us, just let us go from His mind at the least. He might have made another world, started over, made more people who would follow Him, forgotten about us.

But He didn't. And not only did He mourn over our sin once again, He did something about it. He sent His only son, his perfect son, so that there could be a way out for us. So we could be cleansed. So that we might have eternal life, with Himself, forever. He wanted us to be with Him forever, so much that He sent His son to die. He loved His son. What perfect father doesn't?

Yet He also loved us, the sinners, the haters. Why He loves us, why He loves me, I really don't know. I can't explain it. But He does, and He has shown us how to love, by demonstrating it Himself.

And that is beautiful.


  1. Oh My Goodness! I loved this so MUCH!Honestly, I loved reading this, it's given me so much hope. When I was reading this, a verse sprung to my mind: " At that time Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the people who are wise and smart. But you have shown them to those who are like little children. Yes, Father, this is what you really wanted. " Matthew 11:25-26.

    Kendra, God has revealed these things to you and he's using you in a very special way! Keep Going girl! Hope to be able to chat to you soon ;) Praying for you and your move!

  2. I *loved* this post!! One of your best posts ever!

  3. Beautifully written, Kendra! I adore this post so much. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  4. Beautiful story, beautifully written. This is a wonderful way to present the gospel!

  5. I love this! You are an amazing writer and photographer, great blog!! :)



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