Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hello Everybody, my name's Jess and I'm guest-posting for Kendra. I knew Kendra in Sudan, we were good friends and Missionary kids. Now I've introduced myself, I shall stop rambling on and start....

Breathtaking, isn't it? Well, whenever I look at images like this or go to places like this, I just stand there and think, "Wow! God has made such a beautiful universe! He must have the most creative, incredible imagination EVER."
 I sometimes wonder to myself, how could the creator of the ENTIRE universe love me?! I mean, I'm just a simple human and compared to God, I'm a small little speck of dust! So how could love me? He loved me SO much that he gave his one and only son to die a terrible death for me and you! How could he doe for me, a sinner? I couldn't ever really get my head around it...But that's God's love for you. It's beyond comparison. It's indescribable....

One day, I had the privilege of going on a school trip to one of the most beautiful places in England. Me and my friend were hiking and having a really long discussion about God. None of my friends are Christian and she was talking about evolution and the big bang and all that stuff. Suddenly, I asked my friend to look around. She looked around at the lush green trees and beautiful scenery. After she had taken a good long look at everything, I asked her, " Do you honestly believe that there is no God and that all this stuff came out of nowhere?" She went quiet for ages and then looked at me agonisingly and said, "I don't KNOW!"

I'll stop rambling on and ask you now,
What makes you realize how incredible God is?

P.S: The reason this post is called Indescribable is 'cause I got a song called indescribable stuck in my head. 


  1. The third picture looks like the Lake District in England, do you know if it was taken there?

    What makes me realize how incredible God is? There's so many things... A glorious sunshiny day, a powerful thunderstorm, a new baby (one just arrived to good friends today, yay!), the first little finger of green coming out of a seed I've planted... Music (right now it's the third verse of "Come Thou Fount" - it's truly incredible), the birds singing, imagining just how detailed the atom is and trying to grasp how small it is, let alone the sub-atomic particles... trying to grasp how big the universe is - and what's beyond it, trying to grasp eternity...

    So many things make me realize just how insignificant we are, or almost do so. It's beyond what the human mind can handle to grasp how great our God is, and so it is also beyond what we can grasp to realize how insignificant we are. And when you realize how un-graspable (non-word, I know!) those two extremes are, and that His love still bridged that immeasurable gulf...

    Today, it was that God created the body he inhabited on this earth. The Creator limited Himself to His creation. The very fact of an infinite Person is beyond our comprehension, how much more incomprehensible is that Infinity became finite!

    And now my brain is spinning in circles!

  2. Cool!! I look at my siblings, whom I've seen born and watched grow, and am in awe of the God who created, initiated, and sustains this process as well as so many others.

    Of course, I had that song stuck in my head as soon as I read the title :)

    In Christ,

  3. I love that song. ;) and Jess, thanks for posting. I really like how you said everything that I've been thinking!

  4. I had the song playing in my head the second I read the title :)

  5. I loved this post! It is so true. Did you get a chance to talk more about God to the one girl?

    Now you get to post on my blog! ;)


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