Thursday, March 1, 2012

a thursday morning

 Mom leaves with four of the kids to go to the laundry mat. Anna does school and makes cookies. Nehemiah plays upstairs in his room. Samuel does math and eats the cookies. I do algebra, biology, read, take pictures and eat cookies.

Here's sweet little Anna doing spelling.

And naughty, naughty little Samuel sneaking cookies.

I try to focus on school, but my mind wanders after a few hours.

I get up and re-design my cork board.

I eat a few cookies, read to Nehemiah, then have to read a few 'historical' books before I can read what I really want to read. Hard, eh?

What did you do this morning? 


  1. what a lovely inspiration board! i love it. and ooh... cookies? what kind 80

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. This morning....went to school. Did Citizenship, Science and French. Then Computer Skills (afternoon) and then during lunch time, I went to Christian Union. Hmmm...then...ahaha! History and then we had Parents evening after school. You look loads like me! These are so funny yet inspiring! You've got such a beautiful and funny family! They remind me SO much of mine! You guys SERIOUSLY need to come over and visit us in England! It's be one of the best things ever! Love your board, by the way. These photos make me miss you guys SO much. PLEASE, PLEASE come to England! Please? :)

    1. Hey! It's cheaper for ya'll to come and visit US, actually. hehe. You need to come out here and run with me on our nice country road, we can do barn chores, play basketball and you can scare everybody at youth group with your British accent! jk. ;) They'd actually think it was pretty cool you have a British accent.

  3. Cookie stealers unite!! LOL! I steal cookies ALL the time. (Ssshhhh... don't tell mom :-P )

    And I'm picking up Catching Fire from the library today. Yay! Been wating forever. Because waiting since January is forever when it comes to the Hunger Games.

  4. Oh, 'Mockingjay' was AMAZING! I just hated the ending - I can't stand Peeta, and it made me mad that Katniss ended up with him. Gale was perfect for her. :/ Oh well.

    Ooh, those cookies look delish! And that color of blueish-green looks quite good on you... jus' sayin. :)


    1. wow Manda way to ruin it for me. I so regret reading that comment now.

  5. Haha! all I did this morning is read the hunger games. Book 2.

  6. You're already on Mockingjay?! Noooooooo!!!!

  7. lovely photos! I did school and had to go to the dentist this morning! : )


  8. the last photo is my favorite. you just look adorable.

  9. This reminds me so much of what it was like to grow up at my house. Hehe. So fun!


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