Monday, March 19, 2012

memories part II

This was when we went back to America after being in Sudan, I think. Anna is the one with the blue dress and I'm holding the ball. 

Me, Samuel, and Anna at a bakery in Jordan. (THAT PLACE SMELLED SO GOOD.) 

Some of the family before we left for Sudan. 

All the girls in Sudan, doing some gardening work. 

Me, Petra, Max, and Heidi in front of our house in Sudan. The plants behind us were about the only green things in our yard . . . 

Petra playing in the sand next to the Nile river. No, there weren't crocodiles everywhere. 

Max swinging at a friend's house. 

Me climbing on the wall at our house. Fact: Almost every house in Sudan had a wall around it. 

Samuel and Anna with some friends just before we left for Egypt. 

Samuel and his friend, named Samuel (that got very confusing) playing football. 

Us with our friends the Wiggs. 

My tenth birthday. That's my awesome friend Jessica next to me. 

 Our birthday again. Yes, that's Anna making some weird face at the bottom...

Anna's birthday. We got to share the party because my birthday is a week after hers.

Well, that's all the pictures for now. I've got to go do algebra. not fun.


  1. Oh, these are awesome, I love looking at old pictures! :)

  2. RAL I need to make a post like this! You look just like a girl we know named Molly does now in the first pic. o_O

  3. Awww:) I love Anna's dress in the first one.


  4. you are all so adorable! i love hearing other peoples' memories♥


  5. Paha, I don't why I'm looking at the camera like somebody's doin' something incredibly weird I don't like in one of the photos. Love these. They bring back memories. Me, you should head off to be missionaries in Sudan later in the future. :)

  6. wow, in the one of your family with your friends the wiggs, you look soo much like your mom!!! you're so cute kendra. :)

    lovin the pics, keep 'em coming!!! :D

    love ya,

  7. lovely seeing all the photos! : )

    Love ~*Chantelle*~


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