Thursday, March 29, 2012


I'm so thankful for everything I have. And I'm learning to be more thankful, to learn not to take things for granted (like my camera. I had a dream she broke last night. worst nightmare ever!). I want to learn to invest in my siblings lives more.

God is so amazing. I went through the whole falling away from him thing this week, where I read my Bible but we didn't seem that close. At the end of the week I felt awful, and I realized how much I need Jesus. I never stop wondering how could and why he could love me, the girl who forgets so easily about things that really matter.

I'm understanding what people mean when they say giving your life over to Christ is hard. It is hard. Because it's not just my deeds and not doing anything 'bad'. It's giving my thoughts and my dreams over to him too.

Anyway, I just want to learn to be more thankful. Looking at all the pictures from this week makes me smile, and reminds me of how blessed I am to have these precious people in my life.

love in Jesus,
ps: go over and wish Hannah a happy birthday, please? ;) Even if you don't know her, let's see how many comments we can get wishing her a great day.

Monday, March 26, 2012

on evolution

(This is Hannah, guest-posting for Kendra :-) )

(all images other than this one via Pinterest)

Every time I step outside, I am amazed at God’s creation. I don’t understand how people can see all of its splendor and not believe in God. I mean just looking at the intricate designs on a turtle’s shell amazes me. Then think about our bodies and all the complicated processes and designs and how everything works together perfectly. How could somebody not believe in God?! Yet, whether men truly believe in God or not, they still make up theories about how the universe came into existence. There are people out there that honestly believe there was just a big bang one day and then this all came into existence. Or maybe not quite like that. Maybe it’s more like we all started out from one single cell and it slowly evolved into different species, eventually resulting in human life. Look at our bodies!! Do you seriously think that just all randomly evolved one day?! (oops I mean over billions of years) I just don’t understand how anyone can think like that. To me, it just doesn’t make any sense. What do you think?

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Yesterday I got to spend several hours with some good friends, and I seriously hadn't had such a fantastic day for a long time. I think I need to spend more time with people my age. And I know that sounds cheesy, but as a home schooler, I tend to become shut up in my own little house. I have seven younger siblings though, which helps. 

Anyway, Esther and Bonnie are such wonderful people. Esther was adopted from Ethiopia a year or so ago, and she's already picked up so much English. She's really sweet, crazy (in a good way), honest, and loves to laugh. Bonnie is a little bit more practical, she likes to read (you are my instant best friend if you like to read), she's pretty smart and a loyal friend. She's also very responsible. 

In the past few days I've just been feeling really, extremely blessed. I'm realizing how much stuff I have. A laptop, a mp3 player (even if it breaks half the time), awesome friends, money, a loving family, a farm to live on, a healthy body, clean water . . . there's just so much. And I need to learn not to take it for granted. 

What are you thankful for? 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Guess who came in the mail today? My lovely Cameron. ♥ I've saved for months to buy her. 

Okay, start over. I've been wanting to become more of a professional photographer, besides just taking pictures with a point and shoot. I'm thinking about even asking families I know if they want me to take family pictures of their kids. So, I bought a EOS Canon Rebel 2Ti. And I named her Cameron. 

And I'm excited. Ecstaticly excited. I'm not too great at taking pictures yet, since Cameron is a little bit confusing to figure out, but I'm working on her.  

Without further ado, here are the pictures I've taken over the past hour(actually I had more. I won't force you to look at them all): 

 my sister Anna thinks Petra looks like Opal in Winn Dixie...ever seen that movie?

Nehemiah when he realized he couldn't have a snack. 

this is what ran out of my laptop when I opened it. and  this is what I gave my mom as a present when she came home.

Which picture was your favorite? Do you have a camera? Do you like to name cameras? 

Also, I need some major help here. I'm trying to decide if Cameron should be a boy or a girl . . I'm thinking a girl, but still not sure. Comment with your vote! ;)