Wednesday, February 22, 2012

this week

They say you learn something new everyday, so I'm sure you can learn quite a lot in a week. Sometimes I feel like I need to sit back and organize my thoughts, just figure out where my life is really going. If my goal for this life is to reflect Christ, then what are some things I need to let fade away so I can draw closer to Him?

I'm so glad Jesus is someone you can rely on all the time. How many times in the past week have my emotions changed? One moment I'm feeling excited for a test, then I miss half the questions. In seconds my happiness fades, my attitude changes. But Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and He'll be the same forever. His emotions towards us don't change just because something good or bad happens.

I've learned this week not only to be content with what I have, but to be grateful for what I have. Sometimes I ask myself, "Well if I had a better camera this picture would turn out nicer. Really, I have more than enough money. Why don't I just get a nice Canon Rebel?" 

But for some reason, I feel like God wants me to wait, to learn to be happy with using mom's point and shoot. I mean seriously, how many people on earth even have a camera to use? 

I've learned that I have to take the time to allow Jesus to work through me. I can't just expect Him to teach me everything if I don't even set a time to be together with Him. 

I've also learned that Kentucky weather is insane. One day it snows and freezes. The next day the grass is green and it feels like July. Heelloo? Winter, where are you? Please tell me you're gone forever and not just hiding out somewhere. 

I've learned that the grass sometimes is greener on the other side. Even when the grass looks like mud on the other side. Wanna know why? 

Our neighbor said I could run up his long driveway as much as I wanted (thank you thank you Mr. McCoun!), but there was a "cow path" I would have to run through. At first I thought it would be no big deal, until I reached the cow path. The cows weren't the problem. They ran for their lives (I know, one runner is extremely scary compared to 30 meat cows). But the, uh, cow waste? It was everywhere. Like mud. Knowing me, of course, I held my breath and ran right through it. I was not too clean looking when I arrived at the house, but oh it was worth it. There's this little path that curves through the hills after the cow path, and goes around a couple of old barns . . . ah. Much better than running on a boring treadmill or watching for cars while running on a busy road. Even if you do have to wade through a foot of cow dung. 

Well, I'd better go. School awaits me, and I'm thinking I need to take some more pain medicine for my mouth (trips to the orthodontist aren't always fun). 

love you all! 


ps: my siblings will not pose for the camera and just act regular. 

uh, Max's face...


  1. i loved this! it's great when i get to know someone better through their blog. that first picture threw me for a loop -- we have almost all of those cups, and those metal bowls. i thought it was my kitchen ;) your siblings are very adorable. max's face = bol

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. Beautiful post!

    I feel your pain. I had a math test. I did the wrong test, and then I did the right test and failed. *screams* But, I was able to retake the test - and I'm feeling hopeful (*cheesy grin*).

    (Anna is the craftiess girl I've ever seen!)

    Running through ____? Well, sorry, I can't relate. ;) But I completely admire you!

  3. love the post! i have been hating the weather here, too. serisously, it was like spring and then it snowed and rained and hailed. i was like what the heck? winter please go away! :( but then winter's pretty awesome and that means snow in the mountains- going skiing with my two older bros in two days!!

    your siblings are so funny. And like only Caitlin will pose for pictures. everybody else? having a camera pointed at them is like a gun. lol.

    also just FTR, we have that world map on our wall.

    how long have you had your braces? i've had mine a year and am getting them off soon- SOO excited! my teeth normally don't hurt- but when i first started. oh man. it was misery.

    1. I've had mine on for almost two years, and I'm probably gonna get them off soon. =D

  4. Oh Kendra - your posts are a breath of fresh air in my dashboard/life. :) This is totally what i needed to hear! i'm going thru some rough times too with emotions changing every second. But it IS such a comfort to know that Jesus never changes, and that He's always there for us.

    The pictures are great! Oh and I totally agree with you on the whole weather thing. Its snowing right now, but yesterday, or the day before, it started snowing like crazy in the morning, and then it all turned to stupid rain in the afternoon. Ugggghhh!!!!!! :/

    Love ya lots,

    1. Thanks Manda! I know, the weather here is nuts too.

  5. Love this! These photos remind me so much of my family (except your dads normal). I see you don't have a TV like us! Haha. Amen to that Jesus always remains the same forever! :)

  6. I love this post! I know what you mean when you try to not only be content but also grateful with what you have. I’ve been struggling a lot with that lately. You know what? Would I be able to make that into a post, because like I said before, it’s something I’m struggling with. I like to write down what I’m struggling with so I can remember to improve on it. :) Let me know if you’re able! Thanks.

    -Victoria Horea

    1. Glad you liked the post. And if you're asking if you can do your own post about being grateful, that's fine!

  7. I can never get my brothers to act normal either.

    I've grown up with beef cows, so cow piles aren't that big of a deal to me. We just go up to the hydrant and rinse off =)


    1. We have too. :) It's just this was like ... uh, straight up like mud except it was actually cow number two and one mixed together. O__o

  8. Kendra! Just found your sweet blog. Your photos are WONDERFUL - no need to worry about using a point and shoot. What a great thing to learn to not only be content, but to be grateful. That's something Josh and I had to learn much later in life than you, and it would have saved us some stress and heartache along the way. Keep at it, Kendra!


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