Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a normal day

It's funny how other human lives seem so interesting. I wonder what each person does everyday, what time they get up at, what time they go to bed, what they eat, how much school they do. I decided to take pictures of today's events and write about them, so others can see and when I'm older I can go back to see what I did.

I get up at six to read Bible and spend time with my best friend, then (honestly) I fall back to sleep. I love waking up when the sunlight is streaming through the windows, not when it's pitch black and there's rain falling. But I still manage to become the early bird of the family.

 I get breakfast on the table, which was apple bread I had made earlier. Everyone comes pouring downstairs asking each other how they sleep and telling weird dreams. We all have weird dreams, so it's like a tradition to tell them at the breakfast table.

Next we do chores. Since we have a family of ten, we have more work, but when everyone pitches in it goes quicker.

I read to Nehemiah and Henry (who are the cutest kiddos on earth) while the others finish up the morning jobs.

 I do history and literature, they're probably my favorite school subjects.

Next I do the dreaded: Algebra. I hurry to get it done, but before long the hour is up and mom is calling me out to the car. I have a chiropractor appointment, my neck has been hurting.

It's cloudy outside and there's a slow dreary rain falling as we drive. We make the best of it by talking about our trip to Tennessee while we sing along with the radio.

At the chiropractor everything goes well, except it turns out I had some whiplash in my neck from riding one of the slides at a waterpark on our trip. I fell sore on the way home, but it isn't anything too serious.

When we come home I eat some leftover baked potato, then I read and play with Nehemiah. After putting Nehemiah down for his nap, I start school again.

Geography, science, consumers math, and art fill up my time for a few hours until I jump up and decide to run with dad.

The run is refreshing, it's warm outside and the weather has cleared up. When I return home Anna is baking apple crumble, the other kids and mom have left for the YMCA, and Nehemiah is dumping the monopoly game out everywhere

I pour all of the monopoly cash and cards into the box and pull Nehemiah into the living room, where we host our own "concert" and dance with each other. 

(Yep, we listen to Christmas music in January. We're awesome.)

Mom and the others soon return and my parents decide that they're going out for a 'date' and I stay home to watch the kids. We eat dinner then watch Stuart Little 2, after putting the extremely tired Henry and Nehemiah to bed. 

When dad and mom return we pull out the monopoly game, only to find the pieces are scattered and we must sort them all out again. 

 I get ready for bed, make some tea and pull out a book. 

After a few chapters I get out my laptop, answer a few emails, then write this post. 

What does your day look like? What is you favorite time of the day? 


ps: I wrote this post yesterday, so it's really yesterdays' events.


  1. Wow, you're day sounds pretty exciting!

    Algebra - I feel your pain...but that stuff looks impossible. ;)

    I've done the Monopoly clean-up game, it's my favorite! :o)

    Have a great day!

  2. Holy bananas. YOUR DAY. Pardon my grammar. I need to go eat breakfast before I attempt to write something. ;)

  3. Whoa, so cool. i love just before lunch 'cause there's almost no mistakes in the day, and it's so bright. also nights out with friends and at dance, rock!

  4. those algebra problems just make me quiver in fear. do i really have to do that next year? oh. no.

    1. well, it's not that bad. sometimes it can be fun, but most of the time it's a real bother.

  5. such a busy day!
    very constructive :)

    God bless!

  6. I actually love math. :-P Crazy, I know. You have inspired me to a post like this, although it will be a while before I decide to lug my camera about with me to photograph everything.

    And slow dreary rain falling while driving. That is the *perfect* drive for me. I LOVE rain so much it's not even funny.


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