Monday, January 16, 2012

lies post #2

lie // I miss our kittens. (We gave them away a couple of months ago. They invaded the house and did some disastrous things. Even if they were cute, they got annoying...) 

lie // My sister has absolutely no teeth. 

lie // I have been ever faithful with doing my algebra. Why, I did five tests this morning and seven lessons yesterday.

lie // I have been extremely bored in the past week. We have not done anything.

lie // I'm so glad winter is here. I hated summer.

lie // we had a few birds outside our window yesterday.

lie // I dislike the new design and name. What about you?

lie // I love it when people use improper grammar.

truth // this verse really stuck out to me today. what about you?

"And do everything in love." 1ST CORINTHIANS 16:14


  1. haha, I didn't get the "lie" part and I started to get really confused... I love your new name/design! the fonts you picked out are really cool.

    1. It gets me confused sometimes too(and I wrote it), but I still like doing it.

  2. 1. Your siblings are so stinking adorable!!
    2. I love the new design SO much!
    3. I dislike poor grammar too... I know I use the word 'loveth' a lot in place of love, and I just wanna say that I know that I'm doing that on purpose. :)
    4. You don't like cats??!! Not even those adorable kittens?

    1. I do like certain cats...like our good old barn cat. The kittens were adorable on the outside, but on the inside...heh. Not-so-much. They fought over food, were mean to the other barn cats, and scratched my younger sibs. It's hard to imagine I know, but it's true. =P

    2. we're watching Prince Caspian tonight. Hopefully Edmund isn't such a brat, otherwise I might punch him through the TV. :-)

  3. I thought you liked the cats... That's okay, I don't like cats either. They rub on your legs and stuff.
    I can't believe you don't like winter...
    I like your design now, but I used to not like it. RAL

  4. the birds picture is so pretty! kittens are cute but are like toddlers - get into it all!

  5. Okay, I repent of hating Narnia. I just watched Prince Caspian, and I liked it. Edmund was older and better, and I still didn't like Peter all that much...
    I LOVED Prince Caspian (mostly because he's cute/handome)
    Overall, it was a good movie! Not my favorite, but it was pretty awesome. :-)

  6. Whoa, i hilarious are you ever. Love the new blog name! No, not love as in in love, God's love, but love used for granted :)

    True, actual love and blessings,



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