Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sister photo shoot // part l

Over the past few months I've taken quite a few pictures of two of my sisters, Anna and Heidi. I never got around to posting them with NaNoWriMo, though I did post some from Heidi's photo shoot here.

So, without further ado   I present my gorgeous sisters. ;)

Heidi and I were lucky to have the harvesting going on while we did her pictures, so I got some cool ones with the harvest trucks. (Not exactly sure what this piece of equipment is called . . .)

Doesn't Anna have the prettiest hair? She's always complaining about how hard it is to brush, however.

Mom likes the above shot of Heidi . . . hehe.

Ah, I have a crazy sister. But I'm not much different.

(yes, the boots don't match with the dress and I hate wearing short black dresses but I found them in an old bag of clothes so I thought I'd put them to use. I quickly changed though. I was freezzzing.) 

And I have no idea what they were saying that made me laugh so hard . . .

Anna sure loves that cowboy hat.

Which picture was your favorite? 


  1. You and your sisters are adorable :) and the sun flare in your pictures is just amazing! ♥

  2. Eep. I looooveeeee that dress!! You and your sisters are so pretty!

  3. Some of these photos sure had me cracking up! lol

  4. HAHA I was really cracking up for these. Y'all are so weird. Ex dee. Was Anna trying to be somebody? She made me think of Little Joe on Bonanza. RAL Oh yeah and I loved the pic of Heidi in the corn. She made me think of somebody, too, but idk who. =P


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