Saturday, December 17, 2011

signs that you are a runner

1. if you feel awful because you didn't run one day. 

2. if you don't have one 'slow' song on your mp3 player.

3. if you love pain. 

4. if all the shirts you own are free t-shirts from running 5k races. 

5. if you talk to yourself all the time. 

6. when you see someone running you want to ask them a million questions like, "What's your fastest mile?" or "How far is the longest you've ever run?". 

7. if you have to get a shower everyday. 

8. when walking isn't exercise. 

9. if you stink all the time. 

10. if you're a more confident, persevering person. 

11. if your socks all have holes in them.

12. if you drink five gallons of water every day. 

disclaimer - I did not take any of the pictures in this post, and the idea for this post came from Lucia


  1. haha, i have holey socks and i HAVE to have my hair in a pony tail EVERYDAY of my life, and i LOVE WATER

  2. I am definitly not a runner. :-P Great post, though!

  3. haha, what is your fastest mile?


  4. Well, I don't run, but my socks are never in one piece. In fact, I've spent a good hour or two darning socks. ;)

  5. Im stuck in the middle whether I am a runner or not(:
    cute post though(:

    God bless you, sweet girl!(:
    xxo. Jazzie

  6. Alot of these apply to me even though I'm not a runner!

  7. @Hannah I normally don't run just a mile, but to take a good guess my fastest mile would probably be under seven minutes.

  8. @Hannah Of course you are! You just have to practice a little more. ;) once you get into it you'll see what I mean.


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