Saturday, December 3, 2011

my story // week 3

This week has been filled with school, youth-group, finding random places on the map (or maybe not so random . . .) shooting guns and fighting with brothers. Not real fighting, but I did get my first bloody nose today from us playing war. It hurt, but it was worth the look on my younger siblings faces. They were terrified, to say the least. I've finished NaNoWriMo, but I'm still writing like crazy. I can't stop. I've been reading in my spare time, cooking in my spare time, running in my spare time.

I wondered what I should write about this week. Perhaps what I've been writing about? Perhaps the books that I love? Then I remembered a few nights ago, during prayer time, that I didn't pray aloud. I didn't ask for anything. I simply sat there, while my family prayed, my head in my knees. I thanked God for every single thing I could think of. I told him he was amazing. He is. I thanked him silently for as many things as I could think of. Sometimes I just need that. It's good to pray that for people, good to ask God for them to stop being sick and such. But really, how many times to we sit back and thank God for those people? Like, really thank him. He's incredible, astonishing, breathtaking, daunting, majestic, magnificent, wondrous. End of story.

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  1. Great post K!! :) And ya, I need to do better at just taking the time to say 'thanks' to God for all He's done. Just last night, my mom and I got pulled over by the cops for a minor thing, but it freaked me out cuz i thought we were gonna get arrested or something!! Yikes! But fortunatley, God was with us of course, and we were able to go without any fine or whatever. So ya! It was definitley an experience. If my twin bro had been there, he woulda been flippin out with excitement. (he wants to be a cop someday....)

    So ya. Have a loverly Saturday, friend!!

    Love ya,

  2. I'm doing that science book too! :P

    -Anna Rose

  3. Kendra! That first photo made me melt! I love horses!! Just checking, have you received the dress yet?

    xx Aliya


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