Wednesday, December 7, 2011

just grin

Smile. 'Cause God's in control. Smile, because you're alive.

Be joyful. Even if life can get you down in the dumps, be thankful. You've got a life. You've got some years to spend on this earth. You have today.  How are you gonna spend it?

Laugh. Share love somehow today.

Give someone a hug. If you can manage, pick them up and spin them around. Works great with little kids, especially two year old boys.

Pick up a chicken and give it a hug too. Even if it's the mean evil hen named Carpathia that leads all the other chickens into trouble.

Okay, if you don't have a chicken, it probably won't work. Just hug a chicken sandwich or chicken leg instead. ahem.

Give somebody a present.

Do the dishes for your mom. Pick up your sisters clothes on the floor. Make your brother's bed.

Send somebody a note letting them know you care about them, or just say hello.

And don't forget to tell Jesus how much you love Him today.

Go, live your life. You only get one, after all.

  love, Kendra

listening to -- Do Everything


  1. oh my goschen i love this post. :D

  2. I love the first one! It just seems so...exciting. Would you consider sponsoring a New Years giveaway for my blog with a blog design/package? You can email me to answer: creative.art.new.england@gmail.com

  3. Hi Kendra! The winner of the blog makeover by you was Bri(: So you can email her for details of what she would like here:




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