Sunday, December 4, 2011


note - am very sorry if this post comes across to you as harsh or cruel. sometimes I can be a bit hard with my views, and I apologize for that. 

I scroll down the blogger dashboard, checking the few blogs I follow. I read the posts by the most popular bloggers. My eyes glance at their gorgeous pictures taken with expensive cameras, then I close the page. Their words should leave me inspired, should leave me feeling refreshed. Shouldn't they?

Yet I only feel empty as I close the page and go on to open my novel to write on. Everyone seems to be posting inspirational posts, posts on how life is so lovely and how we should think of the little things. 

Not that I have anything against that. But all those bloggers . . . they seem so unreal. I'm sorry, but that's how it comes across to me. What are your interests? Are you always so serious, always meditating on things? 

What did you do today? Anything go wrong?  How did God work through that? What do you want for Christmas? What are your favorite movies? Favorite books? What's a pet peeve of yours? 

Blogging used to be a community when I started out. People 'knew' each other, commented on each other's blogs. It seemed like everyone was a big happy family. 

What happened? What went wrong? I'm not sure. Somehow a few people got ahead of all the rest, grew up before the others, I suppose. Those people got popular, leaving all the little bloggers with ten followers in the dust. 

Maybe this whole post was a total mistake. Maybe I shouldn't have written it at all. But I, for one, am not afraid to show who I really am. I'm not afraid to tell others that I do have sparring fights with my brother, that I host 'concerts' with my sister and tickle my baby brother to death. I'm not afraid to post a few imperfect pictures, to leave a few spelling mistakes in my posts. 

I really want to be me. The real me. I want to show my interests on this blog, tell my thoughts on certain things, share my everyday doings. 

And, for your entertainment, I shall be quite kind and give you a few outtakes of pictures I took. 

Yes, my camera doesn't do bokeh unless my finger is in the middle of it. Which leaves me to have to crop it out. 

Yes, my life is filled with imperfect things. I forgot the r in "striving" yesterday when I did my blog header. O__o

Back to the point. 

I'm not trying to point fingers at anybody, as I'm sure some of my posts are simply boring when I am trying to be inspirational. I'm just trying to make a point, which some people might get, but let me know your thoughts on this. 


  1. If you ask me, you hit the nail on the head! Great post - I wholehearted agree with you. This was a wonderful (and much needed) reminder :)

    Thank you!

  2. I completely agree with you! Lately I've been feeling the same way after reading posts on so many people's blogs. It's nice to read inspirational posts once in a while, but it gets old when every post is so perfect. This is a much needed reminder.

  3. I think posting about the things we do and sharing our personalities are important, but I think presenting something finished to the blogging world is important, too. I think bloggers should take the time to make their posts the best they can before putting them out for all to see. You wouldn't want to publish a book with millions of spelling mistakes or words used over and over. This is something I think about every time I click the publish button at the end of my posts. Not that our posts are books -- I'm not saying that. Just that if you're going to put something out for people to read and be inspired by, it should be genuinely good, not just something you threw together. Make it worth reading, basically.

  4. Yes, I have totally noticed this! There are some "no-nos" for big bloggers- no tags, no lame pictures, no reviews, no linking up to stuff at "littler" blogs, no rambling... only "inspirational" material which is often absolutely meaningless, the same wishy-washy topics said by others a million times. You're right, it is completely empty. I don't know what happened to us.

  5. great post K!! I agree.... the "perfect bloggers" thing is getting OLD. :)


  6. If I say so, rambling is the purest form of writing from the heart. Sure, I'd be lying if I said I didn't "doctor" up my rambling to make it somewhat presentable (or readable) to everyone else...but blogging always struck me as just a place to pour out the heart and leave little glimpses or yourself. I love your posts, Kendra, keep at it! :)

  7. Totally agree.

    I hope you don't find my blog this way! :)I try to share everyday life things, and then every now & then post more "spiritual" things. :)

    My life is far from perfect...

    It's like the quote goes: "Be patient with me. I'm a work in progress!" :)

  8. I really do agree with this post, Kendra. Inspirational posts are nice sometimes, but can't we just have fun and be ourselves while blogging instead of just, well...I don't really know, but I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    I've never really cared for tags, link-ups, ect. but I do plan to do some book reviews and such soon. :) I used to like them, but now I don't really. I just can't stand sily little posts on blogs where people just jump from one thing to another as they write, when they write poorly, and when they just are...annoying.

    Still though, I think that a lot of bloggers should just stop posting about beautiful, perfect things. Posts like those once a week or two weeks or month or something are okay, but every post being like that gets super old. I can't stand everything having to be perfect.

    I do want to make my blog presentable, and I want to make it something fun to read, not just a silly piece of junk with boring posts.

    Overall, I really do agree with this post and I am very glad you posted it. :)



    ps. Sorry for my super-long comment.

  9. Wow, I think you just diagnosed the dissatisfied feeling I've been having with blogging for the last past...gee, months.

    I remember when every single blog post was random, unorganized, perhaps a 'lower quality'--but very, very genuine. You really felt like you got to know people, like you were talking with them. Now you get this feeling that all bloggers are catering to a huge market that doesn't want to necessarily know them, just to be entertained.

    Great post. I think it sums up what a lot of bloggers are secretly thinking.

  10. I don't think it could've been said better. ;)

    - Bethany


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