Friday, December 23, 2011


Lately I've been trying to be more thankful. Sitting back and writing a post on all the things I have helps me more than I realize. During this Christmas season we can get caught up in what we want and what we need that we forget how much we already do have. Why, wasn't it just a month ago we were so thankful? What has happened now?

0.01 // I'm thankful for my friends. God has put so many fun, amazing people in my life.

0.02 // Family. This week we went to our grandparents' house and we celebrated Christmas early. My cousins from Florida all came up, we had a blast. I got to use my aunt's Canon. More pictures coming soon!

0.03 // Books. I've been reading sooo much. I seriously need to update my book page. It's bad how many books I read.

I got two new books for Christmas, and I'm excited to read them. I've also borrowed about 20 books from the library so I have to read them first. Anybody read any good books recently?

0.04 // Music. If I didn't have music I would die. Okay, maybe not die, but whoever came up with the idea to invent music was extremely smart. Right now I'm into Newsboys and TobyMac. Of course I'll never ever abandon good ol' Tenth Avenue North.

0.05 // Animals. Our calf is getting way too big. He's already being separated from his mom. Goodness, wasn't it just yesterday he was born? I named him Chestnut, since we live on Chestnut Grove. We always name our cows after cities. Samuel and I each had a calf last year, mine was named Frankfurt and his Buckner. Cities names make good cow names.

See? Chestnut is getting much too big.

0.06 - God. I'm still getting over the fact how He could care about us, much less even love us and want to be my friend. I guess I won't ever understand how He could love us so much.

That about sums everything up. I feel so thankful right now, thankful for a warm room, a computer to type on, a working brain and healthy body. A Christmas tree to look at, a nice couch to sit on, glasses to read with, Christmas cards to enjoy, a family to laugh with. I am so blessed.

postscript - did I mention my friends are kinda weird too?


  1. All your pics are awesome. xD I've been feeling really thankful lately, too. We do think the same!! Did Blake come?! or was that a different side of the family?

  2. I would die without music. The end.

  3. Absoloutely brilliant. Your blog is a blessing to us all


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