Thursday, November 24, 2011

grateful thoughts

We have so many things to be thankful for here in the United States. We take too much for granted. I think back on when we used to live in Sudan, as missionaries. We didn't own half of the nice things as we have here, but we were gloriously happy. Take today off, and just sit back and relax, meditate on all the marvelous things God has given us. He deserves every bit of the glory.

Things I am grateful for 

american freedom // bible // cool weather // daddies // eating // frisbee // growth spurts // health // ice-cream // jesus // kindred spirits // libraries // memories // national novel writing month (I'm almost caught up) + narnia // owl city // peaches // quiet time alone // runs // simple moments // tenth avenue north // un-perfect moments // vision // water // the x in algebra // yahweh // zucchini


  1. You so stole my d and my o. and I should've taken your d but I forgot. I did have ice cream but I changed it to ice cream in Spanish(helado) to be different. Actually it was cause I wanted to do something else for i...

    Happy Thanksgiving!! :D

  2. Hmm, I totally agree. We take so much for granted, and in reality, we are so so blessed. God is good.

    I loved reading your list. (: Happy Thanksgiving (a day late)!

  3. Me liketh Owl City and that picture! The 'x' in algebra... hmm... mixed feelings about that one. :-P I'm not a Narnia fan really(i prefer Lord of the Rings) , but i'm glad you're almost caught up on NanoWriMo. And memories?? The BEST.


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