Friday, October 7, 2011

over washing dishes

Why is it that we tend to be happier, friendlier, and more respectful towards friends and other people than our families? Why is it that we're normally not as cheerful around our family than friends?

As the story goes, I was at a friends' house, and my friend asked me to do the dishes. "Why sure!" I exclaimed, grinning. I did those dishes well, and I did them quickly -- singing 'Courageous' while I washed (or loaded the washer, in this case. 

When we returned to the house, I did all the barn chores and helped put the kids to bed, ready to get on my laptop and write. Can you guess what happened next?

Mom - "Kendra, do you mind doing the dishes for me?" 

"Sure." I answered. I said the same words, but I did not have the same attitude. I got up sulkily, muttering to myself that doing the dishes was not my job and I was tired from riding horses and school earlier - plus I was running a race tomorrow. 

As I was doing the dishes, suddenly it hit me. The verse. 

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as if working for the LORD and not for man." COLOSSIANS 3:23

I had to smile the rest of the way through. I love how God reminds me of His word.


  1. That is so true. I cheerfully work when my friends ask me to help but if my mom asks me to, watch out, chances are I will be in a bad mood.

  2. I'm {almost!} always reminded of that verse when my mom asked me to do a chore. :) Though most of the time, I start out rather sulkily. :P {is that a word?}

  3. That's so true. Its hard to always remember that though. =P

  4. Oh, thank you SO MUCH for this post, Kendra! I am often guilty of this...I am always so cheery online and sometimes with my friends, but when it comes to being with my family, I do get a little impatient.

    Thank you for reminding us of this. :)


  5. Thank you for writing that! I completely relate to that. Saying, "yes, I will" with our mouth and saying, "yes, I will" with our heart is two different matters. I often experience the same thing every day...

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