Tuesday, October 4, 2011

join the rebellion -- against perfect blogging

There's a problem going around with blogging. Almost everyone (at least normal people my age) is blogging about perfect moments in their life. Including me, I'd have to say. What about the bad moments? Sure -- blogging about your new design, 'lovelyness', and fashion are nice -- but what about the imperfect moments?

What about when you yell at your little brother?

What about when you have a bad attitude because you didn't get your way?

What about when you were sick?

What about when everyone wasn't nice to you?

What about when your hair wasn't exactly in place or in order?

What about when you weren't wearing the most fashionable clothes but were wearing a huge sweater?

What about when you totally failed at something?

Did you post about that?

Or did you want everyone to think that you were perfect & never did anything wrong? Were you too afraid to post something like that, because you wouldn't be as popular as the people who only post about perfect moments? 

I'm tired of checking blogs and finding that all they posted about was their perfect life. Friends, please. Be honest. Be true. I'm not saying you always have to post about the bad days. But mix it in a little. 

Are you going to join the rebellion? Against perfect blogging? Tried of perfect posts? 

Let's take a stand. Make a post about the imperfectness similar to mine & add the link to the list below.

Now spread the word.

Even if your post isn't as good as mine or you don't have that many followers you will still help. Really want to spread the word? Here's a button for ya.


Every little link helps. Every post counts. Let's see if we can get every blogger on the block posting real, truthful posts. 

ps: yes, I agree with some of your comments about 'perfect' posts being more encouraging. but I think there should be a mix of both. ;)

LISTENING TO || PERFECT PEOPLE //NATALIE GRANT [ don't normally listen to her but Emilie gave me the link to this song + i thought it was great for the post


  1. Kendra,
    I think you have a really good point here, I really do. But with me, I enjoy reading "perfect" posts because even if they leave out the peoples imperfections in life, they leave me with positive thoughts. If someone posted about a fight with their little sibling, I would feel like I was invading their privacy as well as the obligation to worry about someone else's problem.

    As I said, I think it's a really good cause, but instead of looking at peoples lives as "perfect", I like to think "positive".


  2. @Hannah That's true Hannah - but it is tiring when I have a bad day and everyone else seems to just keep having a perfect life. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I feel the same way you do. It is discouraging to see so many posts of peoples "perfect days" when my life is a mess.


  4. I joined, but I'm not going to post about fights and junk, my life isn't perfect I don't make it out to be...But I like the posts that are nice and well "Prefect" Cause that shows they are thinking how Blessed they are and not how much is wrong! 'Anyway what I'm trying to say is: I don't like it that people try to MAKE their lives look perfect. Like they don't want anyone to see their flaws. Anyway sorry for the long comment but thanks for reading it.

  5. that's true - there ARE a lot of "perfect bloggers" out there. but you know, sometimes i appreciate their posts. it makes me have a more positive outlook on life.
    when i write a post, i try to be myself - not overly 'perfect' but not 'depressed about life, why me, bla bla' either. i guess it's a mixture :)



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