Wednesday, October 19, 2011

girls & horses

Why is it that young girls want a horse so bad?

I know many girls who are 'obsessed' with horses, and I do admit I like them quite well.

For some, they only like horses for a short amount of time. My cousin used to dream about having a horse, and wanted one badly. Then, after a few years, she forgot about her dreams and got married. Yet others do not forget their dreams.

Perhaps it is their great mysteriousness that draws people to horses. The thought of riding a galloping horse gives one thrills.

Or perhaps it is their friendly bond with humans that draws us to them. Or their horsey smell.

Yet really --- horses are much more than what the books + movies tell. They're work, they're responsibility, they're a pain sometimes. They're stubborn animals. But they were very useful to the pioneers, so we should be thankful that we have these devoted creatures in our world.

I think I shall stick to good old cows though. Milk is too tasty, and so is beef.

                                                                  (entering photo here)
What are some of your favorite farm animals?



  1. I absolutely love horses! :) I think their my favorite animals! I take horseback riding lessons, and love it! :)


  2. Oh my goodness, I loooove horses. :D :D I have adored them since I can remember. Aye, I know they are alot of work...but I would work my tail off if I could have one. ;)

    Thanks for your comment (and compliments) on my latest post, m'dear. :) Aw..you are wayyy too sweet. <3 In response to your question-no, I don't use photoshop (I wish I had it, just for designing purposes!!), and no I don't usually wear make-up, except for weddings/SPECIAL occasions. ;)


  3. P.S. (is that your horse?? I loooove your house/area! <33)

  4. Too bad I've never even seen a horse. well, a long time ago...

  5. @Lucia well, you are absolutely beautiful. ;) and yes, we rent out the farm, the horses aren't really 'ours' we can't ride them, but help out with all (15) of them by feeding them + checking on them every night.

  6. @Hannah aww, you'll have to come out to our house. =)

  7. I love Dogs and Horses! I have my own dog her name is Nellie Mae! I have loved horses since as long as I can remember, I have never ridden a horse freely, I've never had lessons or spent more then 10 minutes on a horse. But a LOVE them! I love seeing them be free, and run freely! I have been waiting for the Lords answer for 6 years now, Idk if I will ever get my dream....My family and I are not poor or even close, we are just tight with money some times. And a horse is not on the top of our list. So I can't have lessons.....But it's okay.
    I am waiting upon the Lord.


  8. I'm very glad I never outgrew my love of horses. They're really not stubborn compared to most other farm animals. While you can train cattle, sheep, goats, etc. to lead, none follow you as readily as a horse. Then there's pigs, chickens, etc. that you can't lead whatsoever - those are stubborn animals! :)

  9. Horses, obviously. ;) I've noticed that, too - that most girls seem to love/have loved horses at one point in their lives. It's kind of what kept me from loving them for so long! I finally gave in around 12yrs old and now I'm completely obsessed. :D

  10. I LOVE horses! I also take horseback riding lessons. I live and breathe horses!!!!


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