Friday, October 14, 2011

autumn camping

We went camping with our granparents & cousins this week in Indiana. It was gorgeous. Brilliant, vibrant colors were everywhere. I think fall came to Indiana before it came here. In Kentucky we just have dull brown leaves.

I took over 100 pictures just in three days. But really, it was worth it.

Sometimes we need a week - or even three days - away from school, your home, and the internet/tv.

In three days I watched kids (we had over ten children under the age of 16 at the little campsite...and three adults to watch them all. four, if you count me. hehe.), rode my bike, took 100 pictures, read 5 books, ate 12 donuts (not really...it was more like 4 but oh well) and kayaked a couple of miles.

I don't mind sleeping in a tent, but when you're stuck in a tent with your mom and two little brothers that both have a cough it can be a little...disturbing. But I survived, thank goodness.

And since it was October -- guess who was at the campsite? Nobody, except for a few older couples who stayed in their oh-so-huge campers.

Ah. I really needed that 3 day break.

Algebra was killing me. And guess what? I get to do another 5 lessons of it next week! yayyyy...but hey, at least after that we're going on a one week trip to Florida.

                                                       cool, eh? it's unedited for your information.

You're probably thinking we're a lazy home-schooled family who goes on vacation 2 weeks out of a month. But no, we didn't really have a vacation in the summer (we moved, dad got sick, etc.) and we started school much earlier so we're getting our work paid off.

We also celebrated Papa's and Heidi's birthday at the campsite. What could be more fun than opening your presents around a fire and eating s'mores?

Happy Birthday, you two! [excuse the horrible light quality...]

how to make gif

Nehemiah decided to spill drink the rest of the sprite. There isn't anybody like him.

To those of you who are horse lovers, they did have a spot for horse camping. (No, you don't camp on your horse, you tie them up to a pole and ride them on trails when you're ready.)

Uh...hehe. No wonder there wasn't anybody at the campsite. They probably all left because of us. I mean, who wants to camp next to somebody with 15 bikes in their driveway?

Overall we had a blast, and now we are refreshed and ready to work again - but we're ready for dad to come home (TOMORROW!) and going to Florida.

Ah. Fall camping trips. I will miss you.

 All is dark, crickets sound in the distance. Children have stopped their playing, bikes are put away. The moon peaks out from the clouds, shining through the tall, looming trees. Coyotes howl deep into the forest. Laughing around the flicking light of the fire, all is peaceful. Light from the campfire dances off the faces of loved ones, while they tell tales of old. I rest my tired and worn feet on the bare ground. The taste of gooey sweet marshmallows is in my mouth. I smell the burning of the wood and smoke fills the air. I try not to cough as I inhale it in. I look deep into the bright flames of the fire, searching to see if the fire tells any stories, as my family does.  It only flickers and makes my eyes sting in response. I can hardly wait to open the flap to my tent, and fall into a dreamless sleep. AUTUMN CAMPFIRE - kendra lynne kiser

postscript - my Petra lost another tooth



  1. Love all the pics! Especially the swirly leaf one. xD Petra is so cute. I think my family needs to go camping, now. ;P <---RAL, that guy looks weird

  2. @Hannah haha thanks. you're a mess.

  3. I'm still trying to decide if being a mess is a good thing or a bad thing and what it actually means. Something with your family saying I'm a mess, though. Hopefully its a good thing.

    P.s. lame comments are fun. More fun than nice comments.

  4. I love these! the colors are so pretty.
    how you you get the twirly-circly-zoomy effect?

  5. @mary ann I looked up at the trees, and spun around in a circle, making the camera spin too...and that's what I got. ;) thanks for asking!

  6. How many people did you bring? :) How many in your family? Did you bring your horses?

  7. @Emily Madison We brought all ten of us, and then my grandparents and two cousins. :) And no, the horses didn't come. :-/

  8. Ok cool! :) I'm sure it would of been even more fun if you had been ale to bring the horses!! :D


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