Saturday, September 17, 2011

how my sisters overpopulate my room

I have a problem. Actually my three younger sisters do -- Anna, Heidi, & Petra -- leave their stuff out. Everywhere. And I have a problem with it. It looks messy. I can't stand mess.

I can't stand clothes thrown everywhere and baby dolls on the floor. Or hoop skirts and all of Anna's fashion pieces and boxes of total junk lying around.

This is how Anna and Heidi's bed looks. I won't even show you how it looks underneath. It drives me insane. I'm dying in here. mom, can I sleep with Samuel? Plu-ease? His room might smell like sweat, but hey, it's better than pink lip sticky stuff on the floor.

This is how my bed looks. Sure, there's algebra splattered out but at least I was working on that. And I cleaned it up when I was finished.

The only good thing in the room  is was the narnia poster, but that had to be taken down due to Anna. She thought it looked junky (hey, what about that pink fluff in your closet? isn't that more junky?). So I, being the kind and perfect sister that I am, took it down joyfully. 

 not exactly what happened. haha, but I did take it down. You should've seen Anna's face. "Kendra? You're actually taking that down? Really? Aww, thanks so much!"

Of course they're overpopulating everything else with their 'precious things'. Sorta. The last picture is the owner's stuff. 

But ya know, they are working on cleaning. Slow process though. 

We're getting there.

listening to || house of mirrors // tenth avenue north

ps: Anna wants me to delete this. o__O no way. 


  1. lol i think my sistas would kill me if i put pix of their room on my blog!!! wow> my room is a mess too>>>> i"m so horrible! and sorry< dad"s laptop keys are WACKED OUT! grrrr>>>


  2. Looks messy to me, too... and I'm pretty messy myself! :) I really need to clean my desk out.

  3. HAHA! You could never live with me. I cleaned up my room today and its already a wreck. xD You took down the VDT poster?!?! :(

  4. @Anna Faith It's true. Perhaps it will make you clean it up more...?

  5. @Hannah You're right. I couldn't live with you, you'd drive me insane.

  6. The joys of living with sisters. :) Actually, before I start The Epic of Bethany moaning about what's under my sister's bed, I better rethink about what's in my closet. *grins*

  7. *snickers madly* i can relate to the whole sister-all-around-everywhere-i-turn-thing. well, not really. i have no sisters, or siblings at that, but i've got three little cousins who's number one hobby is hurricaning through my room. and your blog is cutee.

  8. I know exactly what your going through! :/


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