Sunday, September 25, 2011


hello, blue skies. please stay forever and never leave. ever.

hello, autumn. you are quite nice but I'm tired of rain. please leave. thank-you.

hello firewood. please burn up quickly so summer can come again.

hello barn. I love the way you smell.

hello flower. you smell good too.

hello cows. you don't smell quite as good, sorry.

hello corn. I love the way you sound.

ps - you're fun to play in too.

goodbye sun. visit me again soon please, if you wish.

hello tomorrow. what will you bring? school. running. dear school, please don't be too hard. dear running, please be nice.

love, kendra


  1. I'm tired of rain, too. But I wish Fall would just make up its mind and stay. Its so hot and humid here. =P

  2. Nice post! We've been getting buckets and buckets and buckets of rain in the morning, and then by lunch time, its nice and sunny and warm out!!!! I don't get it. The rain is making me wanna stay in bed. :/



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