Tuesday, September 27, 2011


remember when you played outside all day? 

remember when you never worried about what was going to happen the next day? 

remember when you sat on your front porch licking a red popsicle, not caring a bit if there was a mess on your mouth and all over your shirt? 

remember when you wrote little stories & poems that didn't make any sense, but you thought that they were the best in the whole world? 

remember when you were excited to get your school done by lunch, and now you're lucky if you get it done at all? 

remember when you didn't care what people thought about you? 

Sometimes I just want to go back, to when I was 6 years old. Just for a day. But, I'd better appreciate this time now -- before I have a load of kids to take care of or a million other things to worry about. 

None of these pictures are mine. If they are yours and you do not wish them on here, please comment telling me so. 


  1. Ahhh...playing in the creek...eating ice cream and not feeling guilty...I'm getting nostalgic so I'll stop. =)

  2. Have you ever rubbed dark like coal stuff on your cheeks and pretended to be an indian? We used to do that all the time and Mom would get so mad. This just reminded me of that for some reason.

  3. @Hannah - No, I haven't. Sounds like fun though. =)

    @Izori - had to look nostalgic up. o__O

  4. beautiful post...AH i miss childhood - especially naptime. in kindergarten i never appreciated it, but in highschool i could certainly use it w all the work we have! :P

    now blogging at www.gooseberriesx.blogspot.com! :)


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