Sunday, September 4, 2011

and here we go again, breaking the blogger rules.

Blogging or having an online journal is a great thing. Really. But it can get too much sometimes. Especially when you just start high school and you're trying to finish other things.

So, dear friends, I'm going to take a break. Not a break where I don't post for one week or two, but just a forever break. No, I won't leave forever. 

Never fear, old pal (or somethin') is here! Ever watched those Leap Frog videos? Yeah, they're pretty interesting. My younger sibs watch them and I sorta join along in. Sometimes. 

That squash is from our garden.O__o Good grief, I'm getting off topic again. 

So, basically what I'd like to tell ya'll (all those awesome people who read my blog and don't even know me and people who do), is that I'm just going to post when I have the time.

I'm not going to tell myself I *have* to post on my blog, I'll write when I have the time. I don't want to be spending my precious algebra time on blogging. Even though journalism is good, some things are better.

And when I post, I'm going to be posting maybe a bit more boring stuff for ya'll. Like daily life stuff. Sorry, but I'm writing so when I'm older I can look back on things, not for others enjoyment. I mean I want you to enjoy my blog, but not for me to entertain you or anything. I'll still write those more inspiring posts though. 

You know, those posts where I feel like I need to post about something God lays on my heart. I've been given 150 something followers, and I'm not afraid to share what I believe. 

For now, friends, goodbye! Also, what's one of your favorite things about my blog? Just curious.


  1. I like reading every day stuff. xD Even though I hear everything you do already anyway. ;) I've been thinking about stopping my blog for a while. Or just posting when I have time. =P I spend too much time on the computer.

  2. I understand completely! I'll pray that your schoolwork goes smoothly.

  3. I agree with Hannah! Every-day stuff, what else is there? Good luck with high school! (I'm finishing up next year and CAN'T WAIT!!!)


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