Monday, August 8, 2011

this is home

We moved this Friday. It was a nice experience, unlike my past several moves that were across a couple of countries instead of a few miles. We had some friends come over and help pick up our stuff in two trailer loads, and everything went fairly smoothly. No lost luggage, no kids wetting their pants on the plane.

Don't get me wrong, I'm the sort of person who doesn't care looks forward to moving to a different country (I've been to Jordan, Israel, Sudan, and Egypt as a missionary's daughter). I'm the sort of person who loves adventure, who likes it when something 'bad' to happens. I love change.

But I'm glad to be able to settle down instead of moving to a new home or country every year. I'm glad to be able to help out on a farm (for those of you who've asked, we do not own the animals on the farm, we're staying in the farm - for free!- and taking care of some of the animals, and most of the horses we can't ride, because they're not ours, and they're for races.)

I'll be glad just to not have to think about when we're moving next, and help us get our roots planted in on the new farm.

Even if it means chasing 70 dumb chickens around the yard at night so they'll get into their pen. I mean seriously, some of them are so dumb. Santiago caught a huge raccoon the first night we moved in. And the chickens still want me to have to chase them into the pen after knowing that they could be eaten by a gigantic raccoon . . .

I love our new house, but I'm going to miss my long bike rides (our driveway is tiny, oh wait, it's normal sized now, our old one was just loonnngg) and the endless rows of corn. At least the neighbors have corn we can look at. =)

And the stairs...ahhh...people, we finally have stairs! I haven't lived in a house with stairs since I was seven. Which is strange, considering all the houses I've lived in. I suppose Middle Eastern people don't normally build an upstairs. They sleep on the roof. [I've done it before too, it's quite nice actually.]

And we have a nice long, wide, big table. It's actually meant to seat 10 people, instead of five or however the amount we've been using. All I know is that I'm ever so thankful I don't have to sit crammed next to Max and Petra anymore.

We've got us a little garden, and we're happy. Except Mr. Raccoon decided to eat most of our tomatoes. And the chickens ate all the potatoes. But we do have plenty of green beans and squash. Yum. I love fresh produce straight out of our garden.

We've got at least two built in bookshelves (see any books you like? my books are the top ones)
 and when I grow up and get my own house I'm so going to have mine built in. You don't have to worry about any books falling behind the shelf.

You'll be seeing lots of pictures of the shelves. Just because they're so photogenic.

The outside is pretty cool too, lots of horses, cows and smell . . . but hey, there's a basketball goal (!!!).

So, I'll leave you knowing that I love our new house and that we're all happy to be settled in. Well, we're still working on the settled in part.

We'll see how long I like the house before I get tired of it and want to move to somewhere else again.

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  1. LOVE the new design and LOVE your new home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea the horses that live where you do are for the Kentucky Derby?!??!!?? Goodness, thats awesome!!! Could you take some pix of them and post them here??? Thanks!

    Love ya,

  2. sounds like a great house! i love moving, too, but it's true: sometimes settling down is the best.
    adore the new design!

  3. Manda, I took a ton of pictures of the horses yesterday, but then I accidentally deleted them all. =P I will try to get some more as soon as possible.

  4. Ohhhh that's what the pictures were of that you deleted. I just pretended I knew. Yeah I am gonna kill you. That just reminded me of the time we were webcamming and I got the shotgun. Anyways, I'm glad you're happy in your new home! I wish we had a garden and a creek. And horses and chickens, and more built in book shelves. I have one in my room and its awesome, and be-speckled with Ryans. I love the first picture. xD Your stairs look like ours. We have raccoons(it says I'm spelling it wrong but that's how you spelled it) here. That's one thing we do have. Who's San Diego? You need to make vids of your house and yard and everything. Especially your room. Y'all have lots of aloe. We love aloe. Let me look at the bookcase. I see Jonathan Park, Boppsey Twins, something that looks like really old Boppsey twins. Maybe Little House or something. Probably Civil War books. Boxcar children, the Moodys. XD Maybe some horse books? You do probably have the Andi books somewhere. Our bonus room is lined with book shelves. Its pretty awesome. xD Lots of civil war books, too. Tay loves those. Basketball goals are okay. They're fun for pictures anyhow. You reopened your design blog? You're so indecisive. I really want a design like that, but I really want to keep the other one, too. I just can't decide. RAL. We have a nice long table, really long. With all the leaves on, it seats 16 people. Or was that 18? I really want to move again now. And live on a nice big farm with cows and chickens and horses. And gardens and creeks and a big yard. But anyway. This is like the longest comment in the history of comments. I mean seriously, its longer than the post. RAL. Its probably too long to post, but I'll try.

  5. Glad that you are settled/settling in. It looks like an awesome house!!

  6. Nice house! It looks roomy! Praying for your family,

    Emma Lou

  7. Your new house looks really neat! :)

    I just wanted to let you know that you won a prize at my blog giveaway. Here's the link to it:

  8. I spent wayyyyy too much time trying to read the titles of the books on your bookshelf! LOL

  9. Kendra... beautiful pictures of your house and farm. You have a real eye for photography! Coach and I send our love and our best to all the family!

    (I'm posting this as "anonymous" under profile because I don't know what all that stuff means and am not sure what I'm supposed to put)


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