Sunday, August 28, 2011

take a break

Life gets busy, too busy sometimes. 

Whether you're working in the kitchen, studying for school, or trying to get your work done, we can all get more focused on getting things done than trying to enjoy them and really take the moments in. 

Take a break, friends. Shove that algebra homework aside and pick up a Civil war book [or for those of you who think wars are boring, pick up a romance book or whatever you fancy]. 

Sit back and read, write, or snooze. Go for a long run and listen to "By Your Side". I went for a five mile run yesterday, and it was oh-so-good. Except then I had to advertise for three hours standing in the sun waving my sign, then we went to our friends' house, then shopping at the goodwill [ever tell you how much I dislike shopping for clothes? especially when it's confusing], then went to a soccer game. Yesterday was one of those "not take a break" days. And the day before that. And the day before that.

But, if you can, try to fit in a 'take a break' day. One of those days where you stick you feet in the pool and sing. Or the creek, in my case.

Spend some time with a friend, and just laugh for awhile.

Get outside and do a job with your little sister, teach her things in life you value or lessons you've learned.

take a break from the business people, and smile.

What makes you want to relax? 

*none of these images are mine, found them on the web*


  1. That's basically what we did today. We just went to the beach and I laid there and read and slept. Life can get really busy sometimes. =P Lately its been kinda calm for us, though. :D

  2. Rainy, dreary days (which I happen to love) - which happens to be today. :) I woke up this morning to it raining steadily outside. Hallelujah! We need some good rain here in Texas. But....it stopped raining fifteen minutes later. *sigh* I'm totally ready for a good long heavy rainstorm. :)


  3. what relaxes me is a sunny, calm day at the beach. unfortunately, there aren't many beaches in NYC, so i mostly just sit outside in the park when life gets too busy.

  4. Kenny, I can't stop looking at my blog!! I love it so much! xD Thanks!! ;)


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