Tuesday, August 9, 2011

remember . . .

Remember the days when the roads were iced?

Remember when the birds came to the feeder to eat because they had nothing else?

Remember when the rooftops were heavy with snow?

Remember when the ground was covered with a blanket of sparkling whiteness? 

Remember when you snuggled up in a soft blanket sipping hot cocoa while watching the snow drizzle to the ground? 

Remember when the world was transformed into a dazzling, pure, and stainless wonder?

And now, even as I type this words -- our summer is slipping away.

what is your favorite season?


  1. Fall. Definitly fall. Even tho with it, comes school. *gags* But the weather is just PERFECT... not too hot or too cold. Love it. :)

  2. I am--and always will be--a dedicated fan of fall. But you're making me lonely for winter! =)

  3. Winter, for all the reasons you just mentioned!

  4. Actually, no I don't remember that. I remember wearing winter clothes when it still felt like Summer, just because I was tired of summer. =P

  5. Lol. Yesterday I was snuggled up with a cup of hot cocoa and wearing sweatpants and two sweatshirts. I got home last night soaking wet and freezing. Thanks to the fire department who came to our church and drenched the whole youth group while they were playing steal the bacon(really a watermelon) on a tarp covered with vaseline and soap. And while we were running through a mud pit, over a mud hill, over a hurdle, and sliding across the trap being pelted by water balloons. Sounds fun right? Oh and did I forget to mention that it was only like 70 degrees out? So that is why I was drinking hot cocoa last night.


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