Wednesday, August 10, 2011

just for fun {questions for a 'blog party'}

1. Do you believe that Christ is the one & only way to Heaven?

Yes, completely. If you have any questions about my faith, feel free to leave a comment. 

2. Do you have any specific requirements in your future husband?

Well, I'm not sure that I'm going to get married yet, but God knows. My husband would have to be pretty smart and hardworking, and somebody that can make me easily laugh, and has a heart for the lost in other countries like I do. I don't think I'd want somebody serious, and I'd want them to be a leader. And of course he'd have to love & obey God.

3. What is your favorite Bible verse?
But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint. 
I S A I A H     40:31

4. Who inspires you?

My mom, my dad, my siblings -- everything around me inspires me.

5. Shoes or no shoes? 

Depends, I don't want to sleep in my shoes, but I don't want to go to Wal-mart barefoot. But I can run faster barefoot. So I'll go with no shoes.

6. Lemonade or iced tea? 

Ahh, both.  I guess I'd go with lemonade right now though. Depends on the situation, if it's hot or not.  For those of you who answered that they liked winter in the last post are crazy. Partly. Winter is okay for one month, then when January hits in I just want to throw on summer clothes and run outside barefoot and scream. Of course I didn't do that though. Number one I'd look like a lunatic, number two I think my feet would freeze off. And I would catch a cold. 

7. ipod or computer? 

Uh. Do you mean like would I which would I rather have? I already have a computer. Hey, it's old, but it works. I'd go with the iPod. 

8. Flats or heels? 

Flat flats flats! You're going to think I'm a lunatic (again), but I've never even worn heels outside of the house. I tried on my grandma's before and almost fell on my face. Besides, I'm tall enough. 

9. Writing or reading? 

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my oh my. Alright. I'll stop. Writing and reading. I don't think I could survive with only one. Whenever I read it makes me inspired to write and whenever I write I have to go read to give me inspiration. Or the other way around. It's confusing. I'll just say both. (Wanna know why I put that in bold? In case you're to busy to read all of the above; you can just see 'both' and move on.)

10. Rain or sun? 

Oh my oh my oh my. Is this a question or what? Who likes rain? Sure, it gives you a nice green garden and a creek and...urr, lots of things, but, you have to stay inside. Sun all the way for me. 

11. Shorts or skirts in the summer? 

I'd say both. You can't wear shorts to church & you can't go for a run in a skirt. Or climb a tree in a skirt. 

I hope you liked my answers. I'm feeling a bit weird anyway right now so this post was probably worthless, but I hope it made at least some since sense. 

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Oh, and feel free to answer these same questions & link up! If you do, you could win a couple of cool things. Which is why I'm entering. And there are only three people linked up so far, which means you've got a huge chance of entering. 

Yeah, I did a whole photoshoot of a flower. Told ya I was insane. O__o


  1. not sure how to link up.... but am going to copy and paste questions in a post for my blog. :D

  2. Have you tried going for a run in a skirt? It's fully possible. I've been doing it for my whole life. (Not running but wearing skirts every time I do run.) If you have any full skirts you should go try it again. Then I have another question, what do you wear in the winter? Obviously not shorts of course but I've heard that the cold wind goes right up your skirt. I'll have to see about that this winter, my first real winter. (-: But you know, there is a verse on that whole topic of skirts and such...

    About your post on winter and your question, my favorite season is summer. But as I think more about it maybe spring. These questions are hard though. In AZ we didn't have a big change of seasons. In the summer it was really hot and the winter it was nice out or maybe a little bit chilly. It was kind of warn in spring and fall. All year around it was brown. We had no exciting blankets of whiteness in winter, no beautiful leaves in fall, and no whatever special colors you get in the other seasons. I'm excited to go through my first real year of seasons. (saying first and real because we just moved to MN, not sure if you've been keeping track of those things. I don't with other people.)

    I love that little ps you have. It's really funny because I'm picturing this person getting on their computer ready to leave a bad comment and then they see that and say "Oh rats! I guess I can't spam this blog after all!"

    Okay I'm going to end this comment. After reading it through again it seems to be a never ending comment of nothingness. (Though it only seems so long in this tiny comment box because you have to scroll down so much!) I have gotten comments like this before and then I wonder why they didn't just email me.
    Gotta go,

  3. And I thought my comment was long. :-o Anyways, a photoshoot with a flower sounds fun! Anyway, I like reading better than writing. RAL.And you DO drink sweet tea, right? Like 2 cups of sugar per gallon? XD

  4. @Betsy

    You can wear skirts in the winter with tights or leggings.
    I think she means more like running races.
    Like we run 5Ks.3 mile runs.


  5. @BetsyYep, I've ran in a skirt, rode horses in a skirt, lots of things we've done in a skirt. Though riding a horse in one isn't something I'd do again. I tried once and the horse got spooked and took off through the woods. Plus my skirt kinda went up, thank goodness I had shorts under.

    But, to answer your question, we run in races a lot. My mom ran track, and us kids do now. We run in real races, and run for money. I mean like three or five mile races, and it would be very uncomfortable in a skirt unless it was short. Oh and trust me, we don't wear those little short shorts that are basically like underpants.

    In the wintertime we wear woolen tights underskirts, or pants. In Kentucky it can get just plain cold sometimes and there isn't much you can do.

    Are you talking about the verse that says women should not wear a man's clothing? Or dress modestly? About wearing a man's clothing I do agree that wearing skirts is more feminine, but in the Biblical times men and women both wore skirts/dresses. They were both about the same, but there was a difference. There's a difference between girl's pants and guy's pants. And tight pants are what we as a family believe are immodest.

    Also we make most of our skirts, but I don't think I'd have enough to wear everyday. A lot of my friends don't even own skirts.

    Sorry this was so long! Let me know your thoughts, I haven't really talked with someone who wears skirts all the time about this. And sorry if I sound like I'm being unfriendly. Sometimes I'm kinda rough when I share my views.

    Hehe, I still get spam comments. Which stinks, but oh well. At least they know I'm not reading it. HA.

  6. @Hannah I like sweet tea HOT, but not cold. I like un-sweetened ice tea with a tad bit of sugar or none at all.

  7. Great post! I love those pictures!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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  9. You answered all the questions correctly. Great job in explaining your observations without getting into too many details, but providing enough information that would probably allow another analyst to validate your findings. Striking this balance is hard, and I think you did this well. If you were presenting a report


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