Monday, August 15, 2011

a hodge-podge post of sorts

Sometimes you have to have a post with a title like that. Because sometimes you have to talk about more than one subject in a post. Have you ever had a hodge-podge dinner? Where you have a little bit of everything? Mostly it's leftovers. Those used to be my favorites. I think I like dinners from the garden more now.

Wondering why I haven't posted? Blame the weather. Oh no, actually don't, I love summer thunder storms. It hasn't rained in f-o-r-e-v-e-r then yesterday I think all the rain just decided to come dumping down. Seriously, the wind was crazy. At least everybody in Kentucky has some good sized branches in their yards. A lot of Louisville is out of power, thus there is no public school tomorrow. Our power went out too, which is quite exciting and just amazing, especially for me. Because I like things like that for some reason . . . wonder why. Anyway, I'm moving on, don't worry.

This picture makes me laugh.

This one does too. I have a crazy awesome dad who's the best dad ever. That's a real mini horse by the way. Poor horse.

Our chickens have found an alternative instead of using the chicken coop boxes. Of course they'll do the opposite of whatever I'd like them too, which is lay eggs in the coop, not up in the hay loft (I wonder how they got up the ladder...?).

Who likes crispy chicken strips? yum.

Max looks pretty happy, but the chicken?

Wow, I look really weird here. So does the chicken. And by the way, that does not mean I look  like the chicken.

Little brothers helping out. They really thought they were helping by making 'horsey soup'. Also called putting straw in the horses' water bucket.

And, for those who asked for horse pictures:

Sorry they're all of the old grey horse, the thoroughbreds were all in the back of the farm.

And in the midst of everything, summer, my favorite season, is ending. We started school (home-schooling) this morning. I'm *finally* in high school. Not like I'm late to start or anything, I'm 14, but high school always seemed so far away. When school starts, that's when my summer seems to end.

I don't hate school, but it takes up a lot of my time. It's a good use of my time of course though. 

In my mind I'm screaming, "Nooo! Summer can NOT end. Ever. It must go on and on and on." But no, I've got to sit back and just enjoy things instead of forcing summer to stay longer. Which by the way, it doesn't work. I have no power over the seasons and no power over God at all.

I've made up my mind just to sit back and enjoy the green grass, the creek, the trees, and the whole outside world until it ends. Well, it doesn't really end, but it's basically sleeping for 4 months when winter comes.

I'm going to try my best to enjoy winter when it comes. Sure, there will be days when I don't.

Right now I'm going to just soak in the rest of this summer.

*giveaway ends tonight, hopefully the winners will be posted tomorrow*


  1. I started school today too. ;)

  2. Your dad is so crazy. RAL I wish we had chickens and horses and a big barn and everything. I say that a lot, don't I?

    I'm actually glad about school starting back. I'm already done for today! YAY. Now the good part of the day. Reading and chatting and going outside and reading. And reading.

  3. Kendra,
    While I would love to enter you only for one item, I can't do that. :(
    I am so sorry!
    The winners were posted here (http://godslittledesigner.blogspot.com/2011/08/and-winners-are.html) today. :) If you don't want the checkbook cover, might I suggest you gift it to a friend? Other things you could do with it include selling it, giving it to a thrift shop, or if all else fails, keeping it until you need it. :)

    Hope this helps!

  4. Hi Kendra,
    I enjoyed reading this post. Your pictures are really nice. :)
    I hope you are having a great day.

  5. I am guessing that chicken doesn't read. Just a guess. :D LOL!

  6. When I stop laughing... I might be able to comment... :P LOL

    Your posts are way amusing, Chipmunk!

    I loved all the animal pictures. The one of the chicken in the box that says "Crispy Chicken Strips" made me burst out howling with laughter. :D

  7. Why do you keep the horses halters on out in the field?

  8. @Emily Madison Emily, we keep the halters on because we move them in every night and back into the field each morning. Some of the horses are very wild so it is easier just to latch the rope on and lead them through. Thanks for asking!

  9. Ok! I had just always heard that you shouldn't in the field, but if they are wild that is all right I guess. :) Thanks for answering!

    haha btw my blog that you commented on is very lame and I meant to delete it. ;) haha


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