Wednesday, July 27, 2011

yes, I'm back + video

That didn't last too long, did it? Ten days was enough of a blogging break for me, anyways. We're moving in *squeals* less than two weeks. By the way, the house is only five minutes down the road, so we're not like moving to Kansas or anything. 

During that ten days I barely touched the computer, and I spent lots of time with my siblings. [note: I have seven younger siblings, but Petra {age 5} is the only one who will really pose for me. Or the only one who really likes doing it.]

I enjoyed all the little things during those ten days...

Marveled at God's creation even more.

Studied things from a different point of view.

And looked at things most people wouldn't notice.

I also read like crazy & wrote an entire chapter to my new Civil War novel. 

I took in all the colors, before they faded to grey.{that's actually from a song...I think it's called 'Blink'}

Spent time with the kittens.

And slept in the basement with the cat. 

I'm normally not a cat person [I prefer dogs], but the kittens are purdy' cute. 

Don't you think they're cute? Thank you, Pete, for taking the picture. You're a photographer at 5 years old. 

And a cute photographer at that. 

To add to the mix, we had friends over and we had water fights, we washed our hair in the driveway, we made singing videos, we made Narnia battle videos then played them in slow motion with dramatic music, and we played Man Hunt with the neighbors, which is like hide-and-seek in the dark. 

Then I also got sick today, and stayed home while the others went out to a friends' house. During that time I found and ah-mazing song, called Fireflies. Okay, it doesn't even make too much sense, but it's still cool. Like sooo cool. 

I even made a music video to go with it. Except the music didn't work. 

So you'll have to press play on both of the players at the same time, and mute the first one. I know, it's confusing, but the Windows Movie Maker was being very stubborn and would let me add everything but the music I wanted. Sorry about that. But I'm still proud of the video, since it's my first one. And you must must watch it. Well, please.

Is there a song you can't stop listening to right now?


  1. YAY!!! :D I liked all the random little bugs in your video. RAL. It'd be cool if you got a firefly. xD

  2. Glad your back and that you had time to spend with your siblings. Wow!!! Pete is a natural. LOL

    Kianna Rose

  3. i know that song! =D
    Good to have ya back Kendra! :)
    Btw i LOVE your yellow shirt!

  4. Pictures! Yay! *pics make Mouse happy* *winks*

  5. YIPEE-glad you're back!
    nice vid :3

  6. loved the video :o)

    Especially from 3:14- 3:32 really awesome!

    I LOVE your new house. It's amazingly beautiful. The kittens are gorgeous. What a perfect little life you have :).

    Bliss and bless,
    Meghan <><

  7. Kendra,

    You won an item from my 'celebrate good times' giveaway! Please go here to find out what you won!


    ~Hannah Grace


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