Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm so excited.

To be moving here. In one month.

Yep. We're moving, to a farm. With thirteen horses and over fifty chickens and two cows.

Probably not that big of a deal to those of you who live on 1,000 acres and have ranches of horses and millions  of chickens. Plus goats & sheep & pigs & so on. But I'm still excited.

Nehemiah, Samuel, Mom and I have been cleaning, scrubbing, and just moving stuff in general to prepare this week. The other kiddos went to a VBS, so we had some good time together. The farm is only five minutes away, so it's not like moving to Sudan or anything.

Nehemiah is absolutely terrified of the chickens. Especially this daring brown one. Inside of running for her life like the rest (it's a hen people, not a rooster) she chases you, screaming, "Sqawk! Sqawk! Sqawwwkkk!!"

 Nehemiah looks at her and starts fleeing to me, crying, "Kenga! Kenga! Det's go! Det's go! Chikwen scawy! Det's go!" It is a bit funny.

Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the horses [!!!] but we were really busy working.

Here's the side of the farmhouse. It's an awesome house, not as big as the one now -- but it's two story. I haven't lived in a two story house since I was like...seven.

Do you like the country? Or are you more of a city person? 


  1. That's so awesome Kendra! 13 horses?! That's so cool. we have about 6 cats and on fish. That's all. We'd love to get all sorts of animals though. I'm glad God has blessed you with such a great new home!


  2. oh.my.word.

    KENDRA, I AM SOO FLIPPIN JEALOUS OF YOU!!!!!!!!!! 13 HORSES?!?!?!?!!??! I worked with 13 horses last year at camp as a wrangler - it was amazing! I'd have to say I'm prolly a mixture of both a country girl, and a big city girl. Now that I live in a huge big city, I'm prolly gonna become more of a city girl. But I always do love driving out to the country. In fact, me and the fam are going out to a horse farm today, becuz I'm hoping and praying about possibly getting a job there with the ponies. So yep. Golly, this is getting to be a crazy loooong post, er, comment. So, ta ta!!! :D

    Blessings and love,
    Manda <3

  3. YAY! I want to move out to the country with horses and chickens sooo bad!!

  4. sound like you're REALLY excited! I am for you! I know some people who are moving to a farm too :)
    I have lived in a village in Canada all of my life.
    I like it because it's small, simple, not so busy, has cute little shops, and tons of adventurous forests and places to go to.

    Bliss and Bless,

    Meghan <><

  5. Oh what a beautiful house!! That is the perfect farm house from the outside! Lovely barn and yard too. That's exciting! :D

  6. I'm more country. ;) So did y'all buy all of the property and horses> I wish I could like there too! It sounds so wonderful!!

  7. @Emily Madison Emily, no. Sadly we don't own all the horses or the farm! We're missionaries, and the family is letting us stay there for a time period. We help out with chores, but we don't own any of the horses or chickens. I love it though!

  8. Aww, well atleast you get to be around the horses everyday! I'm sure that's fun. :) I for some reason would love to do farm chores ;). I would love to live there, too! It looks like nice scenery.

  9. This is an adorable farm! I love your blog <3

  10. Its so creepy that I can see your house on google. Sooo creepy.


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