Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy [late] 4th of July!

Last night we went to a free firework show in our town. The fireworks were pretty good, and also huge! The pictures didn't turn out so great...urr...you'll know what I mean if you've ever tried to photograph lights &  in the middle of the night.

[is it just me or does the sky look like it's on fire in this one...?]

[Entering this one here.]

[I like how some of them turned out blurry.]

In the end I think everybody loved the show, even if some were a little tired [and *ahem* scared]. 


I'm glad America is it's free country, but the US sure has stray//strain away from what it used to be.

I mean, do our presidents now pray to God everyday & ask Him to choose the right thing for our country? America used to be a "Christian" country, and it's still called that sometimes --- but it's hard to say. I'm glad you're allowed to choose your beliefs in America, but it's hard to tell sometimes if someone really is a Christian. I mean, think about Muslim & Communist countries. If somebody is a Christian, people know they're Christians if they're true Christians. Because Christians in some countries are persecuted. I've read stories about those Christians, and sometimes I wish we American Christians were persecuted. I know, that's crazy. But sometimes I seem like such a weak Christian. Those Christians are strong, partly because they're being persecuted. There's no "Oh, I go to church every now-and-then. I'm a Christian." it's: "I follow Christ, and I'm not afraid to be killed for Him." 

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Sometimes I wish I could be blessed in that way. Because I would have such a...stronger relationship with Jesus. I'm not saying that if you're not persecuted you're not a good Christian; just saying it would be easier if we were persecuted. Our faith would be stronger.

But anyways, I have to wrap this up --- I'm sooo tired from waving a sign that says, "WE BUY GOLD. FIVE STAR PAWN SHOP." for three hours. Yep, I got a little job. Just a warning - try not to advertise unless you really want to help people out. It's hard work. You have to smile and act all nice when really you want to throw the dumb sign in the road at all the cars and stomp off. Okay, I didn't really want to throw the sign in the road--- though it would've been fun. Sorta. Just sitting in the sun waving a sign isn't totally as fun as I thought it was. It's okay. I'd do it again.

What did you do for Independence day?

--- Kendra Lynne

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  1. Hey Kendra! I am having a fireworks photo contest over at my blog and it would be awesome if you linked up!


    Also, my friend Lulu Maggie is having a giveaway! You can enter it here:



  2. What do you mean by me posting on your blog?

  3. Fireworks is fun if its not too long! ;)

    I know what you mean about America. Its so sad. And I wish I could be proved as a true Christian, too. I know what you mean about feeling so weak!!

  4. The 5th pic is my favorite. It looks like the woods are on fire! LOL

    The fireworks I went to were ok, but since we were so far away, it wasnt really that much fun. Oh well, hopefully we'll go down by the river next year. :)



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