Wednesday, July 27, 2011

barefoot in November -- review

When I first picked up the book "Barefoot in November" to read, my first thoughts were, 'Oh, this might be one of those boring books.' Surprisingly, I was wrong. The author tells his exciting and true story in this book.

Benjamin Carey was a healthy man, and had all he wanted. Two kids, one on the way, and a happy life. He was living the American dream until he was diagnosed with aortic aneurysm. Suddenly his world crashed, and the impossible had happened. After spending months fighting with the decision, Benjamin went in to have open heart surgery in November. There were many complications in his recovery, but after awhile he was on the right track and feeling better.

Mr. Carey's could go home, lie around for the rest of his life, and survive. But Benjamin chose to live. A year after his surgery he ran his first marathon, and finished it.

I really enjoyed reading Barefoot in November, and the book really inspired me. I know one year I'm going to run a marathon, maybe not without walking, but I will run one. The book was told very vividly, and it made me think I was really there and feeling how the characters were feeling. The only thing I disliked was that there were a few bad words used throughout the book, some parts I had to skip over. Other than that, I'd say that this book would be a great book to read aloud to you family, or read it yourself!

*note | all thoughts & opinions are mine; I was given this free book if I did a review on it*

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  1. That sounds like a good book! I will have to look it up at my local library!!! :) Thanks for the review.

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