Saturday, July 30, 2011

10 things I love {in no particular order}

0.01 - riding bikes

0.02 - the Bible

0.03 - brownies

0.04 - camping 

0.05 - icecream

0.06 - letters

0.07 - shooting hoops with brothers

0.08 - rain

0.09 - books

0.10 - trees

what do you love? 

ps:: giveaway extended until August 15th. 

pps:: none of these pictures are mine


  1. What I love:

    -my friends
    -getting mail
    -British accents
    -the Internet
    -my Netbook, Pixie
    -my camera

    Love ya,

  2. I love ALL of those things! What beautiful pictures!

  3. (Hey, you could have told me we extended the giveaway! RAL) I love books, I love Jesus, I love letters, I love cameras, I love coffee pie... and I could list more, but yeah. ;) Vicki just delivered a baby! I dreamed she was having one last night. And I was her... O_o

  4. Hi Kendra,

    I was wondering if you could help me out with something on my blog. (Love. Live. Laugh.) I wanted to change my design, so I reverted it back to the "Simple Template".... and now I can't get it back to how it was. I would like to get it where the title is centered, not way off to the left. I'm also wondering how to get the blue background off- I like the white background. :) I'm also wondering how to get that 'border' off of the pictures. Not sure if I make sense? :-P Thank you!! (I though I would ask you since you used to do blog design. :) Thank you!!!

    PS my blog url is rachelkeiblog.blogspot.com

  5. Those pictures are beautiful... and I love them all!

    Kianna Rose

  6. Hello, dear Kendra! There is a special surprise awaiting at my blog. :)


  7. I'm not gonna lie, i started drooling when i saw those brownies. gah they look delightful!
    thank you very much for the encouraging comment on my blog! =) i don't really remember how i found your blog, to be honest. i may have found it through someone else's blog. not sure though. but i've been following for awhile though and really enjoy it.

  8. Thank you so much for responding to my questions!! I just figured out how to go back to where the page was really wide by going back to the Minima Stretch template. Then I went to the Template Designer and changed the border color to white so that they disappeared. Thank you so much for your help though- I really appreciated it! :) :) I love your blog!! :)


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