Saturday, July 30, 2011

10 things I love {in no particular order}

0.01 - riding bikes

0.02 - the Bible

0.03 - brownies

0.04 - camping 

0.05 - icecream

0.06 - letters

0.07 - shooting hoops with brothers

0.08 - rain

0.09 - books

0.10 - trees

what do you love? 

ps:: giveaway extended until August 15th. 

pps:: none of these pictures are mine

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

yes, I'm back + video

That didn't last too long, did it? Ten days was enough of a blogging break for me, anyways. We're moving in *squeals* less than two weeks. By the way, the house is only five minutes down the road, so we're not like moving to Kansas or anything. 

During that ten days I barely touched the computer, and I spent lots of time with my siblings. [note: I have seven younger siblings, but Petra {age 5} is the only one who will really pose for me. Or the only one who really likes doing it.]

I enjoyed all the little things during those ten days...

Marveled at God's creation even more.

Studied things from a different point of view.

And looked at things most people wouldn't notice.

I also read like crazy & wrote an entire chapter to my new Civil War novel. 

I took in all the colors, before they faded to grey.{that's actually from a song...I think it's called 'Blink'}

Spent time with the kittens.

And slept in the basement with the cat. 

I'm normally not a cat person [I prefer dogs], but the kittens are purdy' cute. 

Don't you think they're cute? Thank you, Pete, for taking the picture. You're a photographer at 5 years old. 

And a cute photographer at that. 

To add to the mix, we had friends over and we had water fights, we washed our hair in the driveway, we made singing videos, we made Narnia battle videos then played them in slow motion with dramatic music, and we played Man Hunt with the neighbors, which is like hide-and-seek in the dark. 

Then I also got sick today, and stayed home while the others went out to a friends' house. During that time I found and ah-mazing song, called Fireflies. Okay, it doesn't even make too much sense, but it's still cool. Like sooo cool. 

I even made a music video to go with it. Except the music didn't work. 

So you'll have to press play on both of the players at the same time, and mute the first one. I know, it's confusing, but the Windows Movie Maker was being very stubborn and would let me add everything but the music I wanted. Sorry about that. But I'm still proud of the video, since it's my first one. And you must must watch it. Well, please.

Is there a song you can't stop listening to right now?

barefoot in November -- review

When I first picked up the book "Barefoot in November" to read, my first thoughts were, 'Oh, this might be one of those boring books.' Surprisingly, I was wrong. The author tells his exciting and true story in this book.

Benjamin Carey was a healthy man, and had all he wanted. Two kids, one on the way, and a happy life. He was living the American dream until he was diagnosed with aortic aneurysm. Suddenly his world crashed, and the impossible had happened. After spending months fighting with the decision, Benjamin went in to have open heart surgery in November. There were many complications in his recovery, but after awhile he was on the right track and feeling better.

Mr. Carey's could go home, lie around for the rest of his life, and survive. But Benjamin chose to live. A year after his surgery he ran his first marathon, and finished it.

I really enjoyed reading Barefoot in November, and the book really inspired me. I know one year I'm going to run a marathon, maybe not without walking, but I will run one. The book was told very vividly, and it made me think I was really there and feeling how the characters were feeling. The only thing I disliked was that there were a few bad words used throughout the book, some parts I had to skip over. Other than that, I'd say that this book would be a great book to read aloud to you family, or read it yourself!

*note | all thoughts & opinions are mine; I was given this free book if I did a review on it*

Monday, July 18, 2011

goodbye, friends

Yes, I'm going to be taking a blogging break.  There's not too much to post about, but I seem to be too busy to blog. Strange, eh?

Life is a short period of time.

It doesn't last forever.

I'd like to live it at the fullest and most.

[my sister, anna]

And spending time trying to come up with blog post ideas or reading peoples' blogs who I don't even know, doesn't seem like a good use of my time.

I'm not like one of those people who are obsessed with blogging, and have 600 followers, but I do think I can spend my time doing other things that will benefit me and others more. I want to focus more on God.

Like spending time with this awesome kiddo right here.

Or doing math. Which actually, I was doing a ton of, now I've neglected it.

I want to step back and enjoy one of the simple things in life, and when I have some good blogging ideas, and I'm reading to respond to emails and it doesn't seem like a chore, I'll come back.

I promise, I won't leave forever. [Oh yeah, and the giveaway will be postponed until I get back unless Hannah decides to draw the winners. And sorry to those who will miss my enchanting comments greatly.] I'll be back before the summer is over, or before then.

Enjoy the moment. 


thanks for all your prayers! I'm healthy & well now.

When you don't have any inspiration, read.

When you don't have any inspiration, write, even if what you write doesn't make sense.

When you don't have any inspiration, laugh with your family.

When you don't have any inspiration, take pictures.

When you don't have any inspiration, spend time with God.

When you don't have any inspiration, forget all your troubles & have a water balloon fight.

When you don't have any inspiration, write letters.

When you don't have any inspiration, go to the fair.

When you don't have any inspiration, pray.

When you don't have any inspiration, enjoy the moment.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

what fevers do to you

Yes, I'm sick. I started feeling like I was going to throw up when I was running with my brother this morning. I haven't been sick since my birthday, and I can tell you --- being sick is no fun. Especially when you're supposed to work 7 hours over the weekend & when you're supposed to run a race & when you're supposed to ride horses the next day. 

So, prayers that I would feel better by tomorrow would be awesome, for those of you who are praying people like me. 

Sorry this post was a bit pathetic, I guess I shouldn't post when I have a horrid headache, but oh well. 

ps: the kittens are getting bigger. Aren't they cute? 

the giveaway post --- thanks for all my followers

It's that time -- Imagine hit 150 followers! O__o I seriously never thought I'd get there. I mean, it was just a year ago that I started and the only person who was following me was Mrs. Marlow. Which by the way, she's published quite a few books. My first follower was a famous author, kinda cool --- right?

This is actually a two blog giveaway, if there ever were such a thing, my friend Hannah is also celebrating 50 followers, so we're joining up on this giveaway. I'll explain a bit more later.

Anyways, ya'll are probably getting tired of my rambling & want me to get on with the giveaway. There will be not one prize, but ten. Yes, ten. Which means ten different winners.

First of all, thanks to all the awesome people who donated items so we could have this giveaway!

[cards won't look exactly like this]
  1. Eowyn is giving a stationery set to one of the lucky readers! If you love to write, or if you have penpals, this would be a great prize to win! 
  2. Jordan is giving away a picture calender & a 5 x 7 print of your choice from her shop to one lucky reader! Here are just a few of the pictures from her shop. 

Isn't she a great photographer? I'm sure anybody would like to win this! 

3. The winner of prize number three will receive a bracelet of their choice from the wonderful business CaliforniaArt

They have lots of choices to choose from, and even if you're not a big jewelry person, you could give a bracelet to a friend. 

4. Rochelle is donating 30 return address labels.  

Cute, huh? Thanks Rochelle! 

5. Melissa is giving a set of cards [your choice!] to the fifth winner. 

These cards would be great for anything, from birthdays to just sweet notes. 

6. Megan is making a blog button for the sixth winner. Check out her design site to see what she can do here.

7. This winner gets a pair of pretty pink earrings, thanks to Lucia

These are made from origami folding paper!

8. Anna Faith [my awesome sister] has donated not one, but three pretty blank handmade cards! Thanks sis. <33

9. Belle has donated a full blog design. Here is a sample of what she can do! 

10. And last but not least, Anna from the Seven Sisters is giving a handmade floral flower. I'm not sure what it will look like yet, but here is an idea. 

Now that you know what the prizes are, you're ready to enter, right? Entering is really simple. All you need to do is make sure you're following my blog [of follow it if you haven't, since this giveaway is for my followers!] and leave a comment on this post telling me what you'd like to win most. Sound fair?

You must complete this entry before doing any of the extra entries. If not, all the extra entries that you have done will not count.

Hannah & I will randomly pick ten winners from the comments on her blog post and mine. I know it sounds confusing, but she will post this same post on her blog, then you can enter over there too. Notice, you cannot enter on both blogs! If you do you will be 'disqualified'. I know, I'm so mean, but seriously --- I don't want the same person commenting on my blog & on hers. But you can choose which blog you'd like to enter on. Is that all clear? 

Something else I'd like to add for those of you who've never entered a giveaway, you can gain extra entries. For example, if one of the extra entries would be to post on your blog about this giveaway, you post, and then comment. That gives you one more entry than all the others! The more times you can do extra entries and comment, the more entries you get. 

Here are some ways you can earn extra entries. 
follow Hannah's blog

follow Eowyn's blog

'heart' Jordan's shop on etsy

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add my blog button [see sidebar] to your blog

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post about this giveaway -- if you post or mention it in a post (twitter, facebook, ect.) you will get three entries! Just make sure to comment for that three times.


That's like sixteen different extra ways you can enter! The catch is you have to comment after you follow or heart a shop, ect., which can get kinda boring. But it's worth it in the end, if you win one of the prizes - plus it makes it so much easier for me to count entries. For example, if I get 234 comments on this post, I will enter 234 in random.org. It will pick one of those numbers randomly, for example, if the number is 97, and comment 97 is Sarah's comment, Sarah will win the first prize. I will do this ten times until there are ten winners drawn.

If you're a sponsor and would like to enter, you can enter, but if I draw you to win your own prize, I'll pick a new winner.

There are only four rules.

  • The giveaway ends August 15st, 12:00 pm. Anyone who enters after that will not be counted. Hannah & I will announce the winners that afternoon, hopefully. 
  • Only readers from the US can enter. I'm so sorry, and I know how you feel if you do live overseas. I used to live in Egypt myself. Some of the sponsors might be able to ship overseas, but most can't, so I'm not going to make it confusing by saying you can only enter for some items if you're overseas. 
  • You must claim your prize seven days after we post the winners, or we will draw a new winner. If you can, leave a blog link or sign into your google account when you comment so we can let you know if you win. ;) 
  • Have fun and no cheating. Okay? Don't say that you're following someone and you're not, if I catch you, you will be arrested [joking, but it's really not worth cheating]. 
That's all. You may begin entering...now!