Tuesday, June 21, 2011

what I've been up to

Eating. Okay, that's not all I've been doing.

But mom's homemade cheese & bread is yummness (if yummness is a word...).

Pressing wildflowers with my little sis, Petra (ie, Pech, Pete, Pet, and so on).

Taking pictures of 'set ups' that younger siblings beg me to photograph. 

Playing capture the flag (all sorts of new invented games by the Kisers and Southards) with neighbors. No, sadly I don't have a picture of that...I'll have to get some next time, eh? If I'm not too busy spying on the other team's side.

{not my image}

Riding horses. And just a hint, never ride in a skirt bareback and try to canter. The result? A flying skirt that creates a freaked out horse, sore & bruised legs, and someone who is itching the entire time. And someone who might be trying to be modest, but fails. I mean seriously, I'm totally glad I wore shorts under. 

I still  ♥ riding, don't get me wrong.

House church. Who doesn't love fellowship after? And especially when...*counts fingers*...okay, I'm not counting all the children in the less than five families that come to church. We have eight, the Marcums ten, the Paulsons 5, and so on. Don't get me counting, please.

I've also been working on (*squeals*) my new blog design site. I know, I kinda stopped designing, but I've started again. If it gets too much I can always close orders. Besides, talents are God-given (not that I'm saying I'm good at designing, there are way better people out there) and I'd like to bless people. Bless them by giving them web & blog designs. Did I mention it's free? So go on over and order please. 

I've also been working on vlog #2, but sadly we keep failing. First time it was too quiet, same the with second time, third time the camera battery ran out, fourth time I uploaded it to the computer and then realized the camera didn't capture the entire video. Oh electronics, electronics...

[old picture, the last wedding I went to]

I'm leaving to my grandparents this week, so I won't be posting until...Monday? Hopefully then. I've got some good post ideas (kittens, vlog #2, and wedding pictures..). My cousin is getting married, so I might post some pictures of that. Hopefully, I don't really like weddings. Only the cake. *coughs* 

That's all for now, friends. See you all next week! 


What could be better than Jesus holding you? 


  1. At first I thought the cheese on your bread was butter. XD RAL. House church looks like fun! I love big noisy groups of people. Bahahaha!! "Smile. Its a video." BAHAHA. I'm gonna miss you! Oh yeah, and Jesus holding us will be awesome. :D

  2. the pressed flowers look really pretty! :D
    And I can totally comprehend the 'take my picture' from little siblings. :P

  3. Thanks for the update, Chipmunk! :D

    I need to do a random, writing post like this... just a few things I am up to or that's new. :)

    Maybe I will do that today! :D

  4. Haha Hannah, don't feel bad! When I first saw the pix, I thot they were cheese cake. Wow, I'm stupid. ;) (wish i could do a cross-eyed smiley face. lol)

    SO ya. nice pix, K!!!


  5. *screams* Look at this - - I can comment!

    Ha ha, the above looks like something my brothers would do (the rocks I mean, plus the soldiers). I do remember we once flicked rubber bands at toy soldiers - you should try it - it's fun. Especially since you can debate which side won. :D

  6. Love the new header! It's so creative, and such a cool, colorful picture! And your posts are very interesting. Keep up the good work :)


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